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  1. 2012Boss302

    Brake shudder caused by electric steering rack in 2011 GT?

    Can someone explain to me the difference between a Boss R EPAS and a 2012 GT/Boss 302 EPAS ? Is there an actual mechanical difference???
  2. 2012Boss302

    Shout out to Cortex

    I ordered the FRPP front lower control arm bushings from Cortex. They did not have them in stock. They did go out of their way to track down a set and drop ship them to me. Customer service right there, yes sir.....
  3. 2012Boss302

    Bad lower control arm bushings

    No sir, I am trying to fix a wobble at speed under power. I can move the L.F. rear bushing by hand so I figured I'd start there. I will check them when the control arm is out....
  4. 2012Boss302

    Bad lower control arm bushings

    Thanks for the attempt. I ordered the FRPP kit from Cortex anyway.
  5. 2012Boss302

    Bad lower control arm bushings

    Is the rear bushing in the FRPP kit Delrin as well ??? I think either way, I'm going to order the FRPP kit.
  6. 2012Boss302

    Bad lower control arm bushings

    I believe my hydrobushings on the front lower control arms have gone bad. I'm trying to get some info on two different set of bushings. Is the rear bushing Delrin as well as the...
  7. 2012Boss302

    Broken Prothane Front LCA Bushing

    Waking this up as I suspect my factory hydrobushings have taken a dump. Looking at Global West web site all they show for S197 chassis is for drag race use. Am I missing something ??
  8. 2012Boss302

    Oil Pressure Warning Light put this on my S197 in the powerport on the dash.
  9. 2012Boss302

    Huge brake upgrade for S197 chassis

    This is my thought too. The Eastwood tool isn't that expensive....
  10. 2012Boss302

    Huge brake upgrade for S197 chassis

    I'm revisiting trying to adapt a S550 M.C to the S197 booster. My question. Do the brake lines from the M.C to the ABS pump HAVE to be hard lines? Can I make -3 AN lines from the M.C to ABS pump??
  11. 2012Boss302

    Pics of your Boss 302 or S197 Mustang at the track!

    This was at my last track day, November 6-7, 2021....
  12. 2012Boss302

    Sound limit issues with Kooks headers and H pipe?

    That Amazon link is in Spanish.....
  13. 2012Boss302

    Best Resonators for Lowering Volume of 5.0 with Full Exhaust

    My OTA pipes are 2.75" . Most of these pics look like 3" pipe. Am I correct?? I'm looking for 2.75" resonators that will not sacrifice ground clearance as my Boss is lowered......