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    NASA @ Laguna Seca (105dB)

    The plan is to go currently. Hadn't fully secured the means and the original budget and preparation plan has blown up in my face, but I'm at least registered.
  2. captdistraction

    Huge brake upgrade for S197 chassis

    It’s a lot of work - nothing really lines up from the pedal box, brake pusher arm, mount pattern etc
  3. captdistraction

    S550 Steeda Engine Mount Failure - Lost Steering - Looking for recommendations for other options.

    Another vote for BMR - I have run their mount for 4 seasons now issue free. I’ve seen enough “s” brand stuff break on track to know it’s meant for a different audience.
  4. captdistraction

    New Ford Performance 5.0L/5.2L GT500 Aluminum Oil Pan and Pump Kit

    That's considered a very good thing. My GT350 and racecar both have similar cold pressures on 5w50 (they both use the GT350 pumps with a 125psi bypass). Warm/hot oil pressure should be around 35-40psi at idle. Coming off track really hot can be lower, but it should be able to build 80psi under...
  5. captdistraction

    S197 FTWMS #50 S197 NASA Super Touring Racecar

    That all said, the car will look great on the vs-5rs wheels. Hopefully find a couple opportunities for practice As the next scheduled race is nationals in September.
  6. captdistraction

    S197 FTWMS #50 S197 NASA Super Touring Racecar

    I’m sure the damage was increased upon blowout - I had to slowly drive 3/4 of a lap to get back to paddock - but I’ll pull the video as the sound of my error was unmistakable. Even more so the following corner features curbing you literally take air over (gentle curbing but on a uphill) so I’m...
  7. captdistraction

    S197 FTWMS #50 S197 NASA Super Touring Racecar

    RACE RECAP: Radford School Track with Looper 4/2/22Well, this one will be short and sweet. One day event with NASA, didn't take the car off the trailer from the last event. Swapped two corded tires out with other tires I had used up (but not corded) as I wanted to burn them up for practice...
  8. captdistraction

    Ford Engineers and University of Toronto develop carbon fiber timing cover

    Don't know if this is becoming a product - would be nice to see but I'd have to bet the initial run would be expensive.I know a guy who might be interested, that's 7lbs off the nose since they made the prototype of the concept with a coyote cover design.
  9. captdistraction

    Ford Engineers and University of Toronto develop carbon fiber timing cover interesting stuff.
  10. captdistraction

    S197 Brake pressure sender port

    I don't think for GT there was any oil temp or pressure measured. The oem gauge for 2011-2014 GT cars was a switch-driven (aka, it moves the needle to the ok range if there's pressure, and goes red if not, but no actual measurement).There's not a ton of data out there on PIDs since you either...
  11. captdistraction

    S197 FTWMS #50 S197 NASA Super Touring Racecar

    I’m running the 13-14 GT500 13.8” rotor system. I’m actually selling it as part of my whole axle assembly in the tmo marketplace, but basically used the oem brackets to space out the caliper and then the larger rotor. Current disc weight is 16lbs (random, but I was weighing a lot of items...
  12. captdistraction

    S197 FTWMS #50 S197 NASA Super Touring Racecar

    I'm glad to hear it and that it provides some value to folk :) I struggle with writing updates (particularly my NASA ST newsletter that often ends up in speednews), but the feedback definitely helps keep me going.Hopefully will get back into the swing of documenting a few projects on the...
  13. captdistraction

    S197 FTWMS #50 S197 NASA Super Touring Racecar

    RACE RECAP: Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park East Track II 3/12-13our second visit to this track this season - for some its boring but I enjoy the racing opportunities this short little track provides (despite making repetitive mistakes). This report will be brief, some self inflicted wounds...
  14. captdistraction

    S197 Brake pressure sender port

    Yes - it’s pressure based. There’s no pedal travel sensor for the brake and from a platform perspective travel is less useful data than pressure. It’s read from the abs box on the from the master cylinder feed - which is why the only wires you see on either the master cylinder or brake pedal is...
  15. captdistraction

    S197 extended wheel stud options

    or use a hand reamer - that's what I did to my axles to open them up for some M14 studs on my rear axles. Getting caught up here and replying to PMs about my inventory.