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  1. ARCHETYPE RACING S197 '10-'14 THUNDERCHIEF Canard Project

    At its widest point, how far out past the fender lip do the canards extend?
  2. SCT tuner freeze during download

    I am getting ready to program the car with a revised tune, which I have not loaded in my SCT device yet. Curious as to what is accomplished by programing the car with the stock tune? I was planning on updating the device, loading the revised tune into the device, then programing the car with the...
  3. Rock Auto - stupid or real stupid?

    I've ordered a number of parts from Rock Auto, including new 6 pot Brembo front calipers. The only issue I had was a with a package that was mislabeled, had the correct part number on the package but the wrong part in the package. Rock Auto customer service took care of me. I will continue to...
  4. Ball Joint Socket

  5. Ball Joint Socket

    Does anyone have the P/N for the socket to remove Howe extended ball joints that are installed in 302S control arms?
  6. Valve Springs

    Good info, thanks.
  7. Valve Springs

    I am planning on using the stock Boss springs as I have not been able to find an aftermarket spring with comparable seat pressure to the stock spring. Any thing much over stock spring PSI is overkill and leads to unnecessary wear on stock components. If I was going to an aftermarket cam, say...
  8. Valve Springs

    What is everyone doing for a replacement interval on stock Boss valve springs?For those of you who have done it, was the head removed or were the springs replaced while the head was installed on the engine?
  9. S197 Drivers Side Door

    That's what I plan on doing!
  10. S197 Drivers Side Door

    I asked a dealer today and got the deer in the headlight look.I am not sure how Ford performs configuration management but something changed to drive a P/N roll; maybe a vendor change and the "B" door is still built to the original OEM specs?? Who knows? The door components all retain the "A"...
  11. S197 Drivers Side Door

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the drivers side door P/N AR3Z-6320125-A and AR3Z-6320125-B for a 2013 mustang? I can pick up a brand new "A" version for a lot less than the "B" but am unsure of what the difference is.Thanks in advance
  12. Boss 302S ABS

    Interesting. I have not seen anything posted with this particular P/N. This is supposed to be an earlier "C" version, before the software was changed, so this one shouldn't have all the crazy lights.
  13. Boss 302S ABS

    I bought what was supposed to be a 302S ABS module; however, the P/N on the module does not cross. Anyone know what this is??
  14. My DIY Oil Cooler Install (a few pics)

    For those of you that have removed the stock low oil sensor, and replaced it with an oil temp sensor, did you end up with a constant red indicator or did you short the connector to prevent the light from illuminating, and if so, how?
  15. What's the Trick?

    LOL I did that a number of times, only to find out I wasn't the Boss and wound up rewiring a few things.