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Recent content by DaveW

  1. S550 Tire blowout/ripped question

    Yeah, this looks like it was run low on pressure.DaveW
  2. How to fix weight distribution from scale readings.

    Any weight change of the car will effect the corner balance. But, we are amateurs here, both in car prep and driving skill. So you are talking a few tenths of a percent change in the cross weight with these changes which is much less than you can likely feel, and much less than would be...
  3. Michelin PS 4s tires are not factory balanced

    I am somewhat unique since I am the tire tech and also the guy that not only made the purchasing decision for the balancer (2021 Hunter RF Elite), I also wrote the check and went to Hunter and did the training course. I personally mounted and balanced over 1500 tires in 2021, so good or bad, I...
  4. Michelin PS 4s tires are not factory balanced

    There could be 2 things in play here.1) They could be 5 gram weights instead of 1/4 oz, which would be more weight segments that you have seen before.2) If they did any of the options that some balancers offer to put the weight behind spokes, it will take more weight to do that.If...
  5. Michelin PS 4s tires are not factory balanced

    No Michelin tires have dots. And as someone who mounts a *lot* of tires, and Michelins, they rarely have balance or vibration issues.And the importance of dots is overblown by about 12 million percent by people who have no idea what they are talking about. As mentioned, you would have to...
  6. Rear Wheel Stud Replacement

    Just grind part of it flat and it will go in and work fine. Doing that is a pretty standard procedure for stud changes, thats why you can't find info on it.DaveW
  7. Has anyone swapped in a Jerico/G Force trans?

    The Bowler interface box that one has to use to make the T56 Magnum VSS work with the stock ECU should have enough flexibility to take any VSS input you could build easily on a Jerico and send it to the stock ECU in a format it was expecting.DaveW
  8. Has anyone swapped in a Jerico/G Force trans?

    No help on the Jericho, I looked hard at doing it before doing the T56 Magnum. I only use 2 or 3 gears and was really interested in the lightness/weight savings, but I remembered how much floor hacking I had to do in my old Fox CP car to get the shifter and stuff to fit and kind of lost...
  9. Caster

    Yeah, this. There is nothing in suspension that is without compromise including caster. When you get near double digits, unless the suspension is designed for it, there is a lot of jacking going on which may not be great for wider tires.DaveW
  10. Number plates for competition - need community input

    I hadn't posted here yet, first because Ludachris asked me about producing/offering TMO number plates at least a year ago and I dropped the ball....Also, the magnet thing at high speeds is a bit of my pet peeve. Everyone wants to say that because their super special sign guy used super...
  11. Cortex Torque Arm and Watts: An Honest, Thorough, Track Based Review

    I am only 4 autocross events in with my Cortex Watts and TA setup (along with the cambered axle) and am pretty happy, but most of the improvement is from the camber and the adjustability of the watts.As Fabman and Blacksheep explained, none of this stuff is magic. I hear people say they feel...
  12. You all said these would fit......

    If that is how it installed in the car, I see the issue :) If the slotting doesn't fix it, you will need shorter springs to get the spring and perch above the tire.DaveW
  13. 2012 Boss 302 seized brakes

    So on a Brembo car, the front calipers are fixed so there are no slides. And on all cars, none of the brake pistons are extended/clamped hydraulically when parked. If you leave the parking brake on, the rear pistons would be mechanically actuated.So, if the parking brake was not on, look...
  14. Cold tires & autocross

    As much as anyone "knows" anything about tires, I am sure the Yok's are better on cool days or on slick surfaces. On the flip side, the Falkens were just fine at Grissom last year in the summer (actually needed to be cooled too) But Grissom concrete is not Lincoln concrete.Depending on...
  15. Cold tires & autocross

    Yep on both counts. We borderline needed to spray the Yok's last Sunday (the day that started at 26). It was ~59 when we ran. I think if my co-driver was more aggressive (she doesn't slide the car as much as I do) we would have had to.Good plan on the tires.DaveW