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  1. T56 Magnum XL

    Thanks, I wasn't sure if Shawn had you do something different from the ARP instructions.
  2. T56 Magnum XL

    The ARP flywheel bolts came with the Mantic clutch kit. Assembly lube was not included. It said to use factory torque values on the flywheel bolts so I did. I was looking at ARP's site trying to figure out if I should reuse them or not and came across the instructions in previous post. 70...
  3. T56 Magnum XL

    Thank you, the Magnum is supposed to be here Wednesday and I do not want to be chasing parts. I will use the ARP torque specs this time. The bolts received didn't have instructions so I used the factory service manual in March.
  4. T56 Magnum XL

    I am trying to make sure I have everything I need when the Magnum XL gets here and I am not sure about flywheel bolts. I have the ARP bolts that I installed in March and am not sure if they can be reused or not. I know the factory flywheel bolts are torque to yield (177 in/lb plus 60 degrees)...
  5. Mohawk Track Experience at Gingerman

    I have ny clutch and new driveshaft. Magnum XL is scheduled for delivery Wednesday. If everything works perfectly I can get it installed, tune reflashed for new gear ratios, and get it broken in before Monday when it goes on the trailer for the trip up. Don't count me out yet.
  6. T56 Magnum XL

    My Mantic clutch came back with 26 spline disks last weekend, my shaftmasters driveshaft showed up Thursday and ny Magnum XL kit has made it to Kansas City with some luck I may still make Gingerman on the 16th.
  7. T56 Magnum XL

    The Magnum XL swap kits have been back ordered for some time and most of the Tremec Elite Distributors do not know when they are getting them, how many they are getting or which gear ratio they will receive. Most of the smaller Tremec dealers don't stock them and rely on the Elite Distributors...
  8. S197 Eric's Candy Red S197

    My clutch came back from Mantic over the weekend with new 26 spline disks. Geoff at Mantic Clutch USA has been great to work with. He refit the clutch with the new disks and had it back to me in just a few days. He also ran a bunch of gear ratio calcs showing the gear ratios of the MT82 and...
  9. Fluids on a mostly street Boss 302

    That is pretty much what I run except I run Redline 5w50 motor oil instead of the MotorCraft.
  10. Calimer

    I just wanted all the information out there in case it makes a difference to anyone. I think they are using me not driving as an excuse. Based on my many conversations with them, they will not stand behind anything once it is installed and drives out of the garage.
  11. Mohawk Track Experience at Gingerman

    I may have to cancel this one. I am still waiting on a transmission. I thought I would have it last week and it didn't come in. If it doesn't get here this week I will not have time for installation and break in.
  12. What brake fluid flushing unit?

    I hope it works for you. I have a mityvac as well, but don't like it for brake flushes. It is great for bleeding the clutch though.
  13. Calimer

    I am not sure if it was in an earlier post or not at this point, but if it makes a difference I wasn't driving the car when the gear shattered. A shop that has done work for me for years when I don't have the time or if the project is beyond my abilities had tracked down a misfire for me. It...
  14. Calimer

    They said the 23 spline shaft was twisted. It was a new shaft they insisted on in March saying that the early mt82 shafts were weak. Basically a gear broke and went through the whole transmission. I didn't open it up since it was just built. I will never know if it was defective parts or...
  15. Calimer

    The Magnum XL swap kit is around $3,900 with the electrical connections I need. Calimer was pretty much insisting I needed to go to a stage 3 with the 26 spline input shaft, so I would need to change the clutch either way. I have a Mantic twin disk I installed with the Calimer stage 2 so it...