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  1. 2013 Boss LS #669 Black - SOLD

    And it's sold!!!
  2. 2013 Boss LS #669 Black - SOLD

    Thanks everyone.
  3. 2013 Boss LS #669 Black - SOLD

    Located in Houston TX 2013 Boss Laguna Seca #669 51,000 miles Forgestar CF5V Gunmetal Rims 19x9 / 19x11 with 265/35 and 305/30 Steeda Boss Springs Steeda HD Strut Mount Koni Yellows Steeda Adj. panhard bar BMR LCA and relocation bracket Chicane Boss Plus wing with extended end plates Silver...
  4. Rear Diff Leak - Upgrade Time

    I have not, but I don't track the car at all anymore. Haven't been driving it hard for over 18 months.
  5. Rear Diff Leak - Upgrade Time

    When I get it up in the air, I'll check that as well.
  6. Rear Diff Leak - Upgrade Time

    Hey guys!I backed the Boss out today to wash it (70* in Houston) and noticed a small cluster of drops of gear oil on the garage. Looked under the car and say a spray of gear oil on the gas tank shroud and exhaust.Assuming I confirm a rear diff leak while I have it apart replacing seals...
  7. (F)ord stockholders/investors

    I feel the combination of OPEC (General bad news) and rate hike will lower the market. Sometimes when oil drops it drags the Dow down also.The rate hike isn't baked in as the Dow keeps hitting all time highs.Even if it is baked in, you will probably see a dip the day of and after. If you...
  8. (F)ord stockholders/investors

    I am waiting for the OPEC meeting on Nov. 30 and the December Fed rate hike. Both of those should have a negative affect of stocks.
  9. Texas Mustang Invasion

    At TMI. A pair of early gen Bosses.
  10. Texas Mustang Invasion

    Anyone going to TMI Saturday in Dallas? I taking the LS up from Houston then going to MSR Cresson on Sunday.
  11. Time to Mod... NEED HELP

    Right, so a combination of HP (headers, cat delete, CAI, TB, Tune) and weight reduction. Along with what was said above, would bar k-member, a arms, etc be worth while?
  12. Time to Mod... NEED HELP

    Not looking for approval at all. I do however want to get close to 500hp and since the car only sees the track a couple times a year, it is an option.
  13. Time to Mod... NEED HELP

    So no one here is for a supercharger hu? I'm not surprised.
  14. Time to Mod... NEED HELP

    Remember guys I only see the track maybe 2-3 times a year. I know that is our focus here at TMO but the car sees 95% street 5% track.
  15. Time to Mod... NEED HELP

    This is great. Keep it coming.I have forgestar wheels 19x9 19x11. Separate wheels for the track (couple times a year) is a reasonable thing. I have a hitch/tow hook from blowfish installed and a harbor freight trailer to go to/from track.