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  1. OPMustang Tim

    Brake Caliper Extension Sleeves Available

    We are not a fan of pre-orders so when we have products they will be available.
  2. OPMustang Tim

    Brake Caliper Extension Sleeves Available

    Ours are in production, backwards compatible but with some improvements.
  3. OPMustang Tim

    Brake Caliper Extension Sleeves Available

    We have brought back the Caliper Extension Sleeves that work with our Brake Caliper Sleeves (Coming Early 2023) and will also work with the now Discontinued Caliperfexion Studs. We will add some finish options but for something that rolls around in a tool box we do not see the point in Anodizing...
  4. OPMustang Tim

    Tremec Magnum XL Fluid Discussion

    Norm, I believe the Original GM Synchromesh fluid was BG Syncroshift I.BG's stand is ATF is horrible for manual transmissions that's why SSII is a direct replacement for ATF in manuals. MGC additive seems to cure the slippery-ness issues that make syncros do their job.No transmission likes...
  5. OPMustang Tim

    Magnum XL hard 2-3 shift when hot

    When I blue printed T5's in the early 90's carbon blocker rings were fairly common, that was an ancient Transmission designed in the late 70's.
  6. OPMustang Tim

    Magnum XL hard 2-3 shift when hot

    We have been cautioned about running to high a viscosity fluid in any of these transmissions and Syncro Shift II is still the most recommended. Any manual transmission that requires any version of ATF (Tremec Aftermarket transmissions all are spec'd for Dexron 3) can use SSIIThe issue with...
  7. OPMustang Tim

    Brake Upgrade Advice for my 17 5.0 non-performance pack

    With your tires and ability stick with R10/R8. I have pulled over 1.4g's braking into turn 1 at Daytona with them for 3 days in a row. That was on a 300TW tire. They will put you through the windshield on the street at will, activate ABS at will. I drive with them on the street all the time, for...
  8. OPMustang Tim

    Magnum XL hard 2-3 shift when hot

    Just a thought, its only on the up shift and not the down? That would be more RPM dependent? As in a clutch release issue? I suppose it could be just a blocker ring under load but just thinking it through, I will see myself out. Sent in a request to BG.
  9. OPMustang Tim

    PP1 shortcomings

    Also re-reading the post, in stock form the downforce the car generates at speed is really impressive. Electronically limited at Daytona the car becomes so planted its almost eerie. The stock suspension might seem overly compliant but when you focus on lines and loading the suspension up the car...
  10. OPMustang Tim

    PP1 shortcomings

    You can just throw a set of these in, work fine, been on my car for 6 years, still sitting at 2.8 degrees, never moved.SPC Camber Bolts
  11. OPMustang Tim

    Ford Performance hubs with 3inch ARP studs question

    It is the only nut we have used for about 6 years, works on all S197 and S550's. Technically it is a 2 piece nut, the washer floats on the nut for more accurate torque, has a large face so it induces a ton of load on the wheel bearing assuring it is preloaded correctly. Plus stamped sheetmetal...
  12. OPMustang Tim

    PP1 shortcomings

    Car is fantastic as is, add front camber, and burn up the stock staggered tires. Throwing a bunch of parts at it is a bad investment. My car had the stock nitrogen in the tires and alignment and lapped most of the "modified" cars on track and several Corvettes.Wheel hop is a non issue on a...
  13. OPMustang Tim

    Rotor texture...?

    They would clean up on a brake lathe, that might cost more than just throwing on a set of cheap rotors. From sitting on a lot? The stock rear pads are not aggressive enough to machine the rotor clean again. Usually NE winters cause all the problems on the inside of the rotor, where you cant see...
  14. OPMustang Tim

    September 2022 Product Updates

    Either will work for you.