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  1. Proto

    '14 Gt P2197 Stuck lean.

    Interesting story. When I replaced the 02s the first time, I found out it only has 2 upstream 02sensors. 😅 Hooking up my laptop and viewing data, it is running .84-1.11 lambda. Then I noticed that after awhile everything kinda flat lines and I found codes for a lot of modules not responding and...
  2. Proto

    '14 Gt P2197 Stuck lean.

    93k daily driving plus a season of auto cross. To me it sounds like all the noise is in the intake manifold.
  3. Proto

    '14 Gt P2197 Stuck lean.

    Alright, I'm not sure what all steps to check to try and fix this. Stuck lean code. Car idles on rougher side. From what I can tell, the exhaust doesn't have a leak. Installed new O2 sensors, cleaned filter and MAF. Everything under hood seems to be connected. The intake sounds real ticky but...
  4. Proto

    S197 Autox

    Finally had time to do rear axle bearings and seals. Got the new rear calipers and gt500 setup on the back end of the car. Then went ahead and swapped in the Torsen T2R. The factory trak-loc had seen better days.
  5. Proto

    S197 Autox

    6 pot Brembos are officially on. Goodridge SS lines, G-LOC R6 pads. The premium wheels only cleared with the 25mm spacers.
  6. Proto

    S197 CELESTE

    Oh, I've been trying to talk a buddy I work with into a track day with me. It's hard talking him into road course stuff though. He has a '15 Hellcat challenger. We were looking at Blackhawk farms. But NCM is ~2 hours closer for us. So not sure yet.
  7. Proto

    Huge brake upgrade for S197 chassis

    Just got done installing mine. R6 Pads and Goodridge ss lines. Bought duralast gt500 rotors from autozone. Calipers on rock auto. Everything else came from @OPMustang Tim . He even has spacers for the calipers to center correctly over the rotors.
  8. Proto

    Hybrid G-LOC Brake Pads

    Will there be an R6 version of the pad?
  9. Proto

    S197 Autox

    Quick quality of life upgrade. No more fighting to keep myself planted in the seat. Also picked up a Motive Power Bleeder for when I finally get around to putting the Brembo and ss line swap. All thanks to @DaveW
  10. Proto

    Trophy Winners and other pics from the SCCA Solo Nationals

    Next year I hope to attend nationals. Last @DaveW event he was 2.345 seconds faster than me. So I have a lot of catching up to do by then.
  11. Proto

    Pheonix's Mustang in the current SCCA magazine.

    Spotlight picture in SportsCar magazine with a #1 prediction.
  12. Proto

    S197 Autox

  13. Proto

    S197 Autox

    No no. The shop that installed my adj lcas evidently did not make them equal length. I wanted to torsen for autocross because I'm pretty sure the trac look clutch packs are worn out and I might have popped a rear wheel seal last event... lol
  14. Proto

    S197 JDMac's Autocross GT

    I ended up missing June/July. You were lucky and got the event that STL guys came for a visit. That black s197 with orange numbers was @Dave Whitworth. A couple of our CAM member have been out this year. Bill and his wife have both had medical issues going on and their son has been traveling...
  15. Proto

    S197 Autox

    I went and saw Dave before the STL autocross. I've had a hard time finding mechanics that care about the car as much as I do. Took it for an alignment. They missed the blown out hydro bushing on the front control arms. And I've realized the wheels are not centered in the wheel wells. Dave was...