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    Whats are the best front control arms ?

    Just like money, More Tire is better. You should be able to run up to a 285 tire on front on 9.5" wheels. With the brakes you have the 240's will likely be a "Smoke Show".

    2022 Fast Ford & Mustang Roundup XII by Motorsport Park Hastings, Sept 16-18, Hastings, NE

    Harry’s and Hero 8. I can’t get them to work together. Harry blame’s go pro and go pro blames harry. I am done with that. Looking for a good price on a garmin catalyst

    Moving down on tire width and compound to learn?

    Have you run your current set up much? How much of a “Deal” are the 18x10’s? The reason I ask is that once you “Learn” and get a taste of the grip of 305’s stickies, the 18x10’s are likely to just gather dust. As the saying goes ”Ask me how I know”. As far as learning in lessor tires, I...

    Whats a typical rear coilover spring diameter

    Have you checked your panhard bar mount to see if its bent? Bent or wrong bar??

    Installed Rear Seat Delete kit, now rear seat belt malfunction light comes on.

    Bill You may be able to check the parts already removed. No bending over, unless you drop the parts. 😳 :biggrin: Take the buckle receiver and look for changes across the pins in that connector when buckling and un-buckling.I am with you regarding getting in the former back seat area. I...

    Installed Rear Seat Delete kit, now rear seat belt malfunction light comes on.

    Bill. Can you take the parts removed and see what changes at the connector when you fasten and unfasten the belt? Put an ohm meter on the connector pins and see what happens. If there is a change something like a dead short to open when you fasten or unfasten you will know what needs to be...

    Wider Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

    What wheels are you running?

    Michelin PS 4s tires are not factory balanced

    LakeDaveWelcome to the site!!Square is a great idea. Our cars need as much rubber in the front as possible.Which car are you running S197, S550 or something a bit more "Classic"?Most of us have done a build sheet and posted it. They help others see what you have and help...

    Fluids on a mostly street Boss 302

    Tx.302:Spot on. I have run these exact fluid around town and on track.welcome to the site.

    What brake fluid flushing unit?

    I usually AVOID harbor freight. Usually. I bought my Mityvac there also. Sometimes they surprise you with quality tools.

    ARP studs

    If I need Ford Parts I check out South Florida Ford. If I need Ford Performance Parts, I go to Capaldi. Both sponsors have treated me very well.

    Any Cooks Onboard?

    Happy Birthday.I usually don't say this to guys but........You got a great looking piece of meat there. 😳 :hellyeah:

    APEX wheel spacer not sitting flush on GT350

    I took first place where I cussed out my Girodisc rotors for being warped, I checked with a dial indicator. Then realized they are two piece and floating. I was “In the Lead” that day.

    Road Atlanta w/ Jzilla August 20-21

    If you are new to track day, stock plus the changes you mentioned should work.

    Another noob thread

    Welcome to the site You are spot on with track time being mean most important. A close second would be tires. Sticky and wide Stick with a suspension package when ever possible. Ford, Cortex and Vorshlag are great places to source a package Also get good instruction. SCCA track nights seldom...