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6R80 overheating in my V6

Duane Black

Curbs go brrrppp
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Durham, NC
So this is a new one... and everyone who says "get a manual" owes $1 to the "buy Duane Black a 3v 5 speed" fund. @Apex3V currently owes $968 to this fund.

Anyway... the issue

with ambient temps in the high 70s, and running 2:14-2:16 consistently, i was overheating my transmission. This flashed a wrench on the dash and took me out of sport shift mode.

Heres whats changed in the order I'm thinking theyre important.

1) the shelby gt500 fan is somehow not directing as much air over the transmission cooler. i just put it on last month.

2) I just had the fluid flushed. Perhaps its a little low, its difficult to check. or, the newer fluid just isnt up to the job.

3) the 145,500 mile transmission is dying. it has been sluggish going into 6th lately....

Lethal are a decent bunch of guys .. BUT.. they are dragster guys. But I'd recomend you start there.
I couldn't find one for a 3 valve, so you're stuck with this link.


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