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Gen1 70 Mach 1 SCJ Drag Pack Build Thread Profile - Gen 1 Mustangs

Alrighty....after a mysterious loss of HP & TQ on the dyno last time around, we spent last week chasing potential causes. All bets were on the intake (PI)
The big hint came when he put another previously tested motor back on the dyno and found the HP & TQ on that motor was also way down compared to earlier runs.
In the end it turned out to be one of the little rare earth magnets on the dyno bellhousing had fallen off !
The weird part was everything "looked" good calibration-wise, (Dyno company dialed in to look at it) and other than low hp/tq readings, it didn't trigger any error codes or funky data that would have indicated that particular issue.
Final numbers were 441 HP & 495 TQ. Could have gained more going roller but it's not a race car and I couldn't justify the extra cost $$.
I'm happy with the results.View attachment 76354 Install is next.

428 SCJ dyo results.jpeg

Feb 2022.jpg428 SCJ dyo results.jpeg

dyno day.png
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Dec 2021
Rear is in and she's standing on all 4's again !
Aluminum Ford PI intake was swapped out to replace the RPM intake (interferes with shaker hood/scoop - who knew?)
Engine is T'd up for install - just need to bolt on the clutch & bell along with the exhaust manifolds.
After that its time to dive into wiring and brake/fuel lines....yay

View attachment 70759

View attachment 70760

View attachment 70761

View attachment 70762

View attachment 70763

View attachment 70764
Small update...10/04/22
An incident earlier this summer, (chainsaw, ladder and a tree) put me out of commission for pretty much the entire summer.
Zero progress on just about all of the planned car and non-car projects for summer 2023.
I recently started to resume some activities and today, with some help from my brother and a good friend, the engine was finally installed in the car.
It's a relatively small step forward but felt really good to just see it set in place. It dropped in as smooth as anyone could hope for, FPA headers and all.
No clearance issues anywhere and we didn't even scratch the paint in the engine bay.
It was also a flashback to earlier years when the 3 of us did these things on a more regular basis.
The time spent today re-awakened their enthusiasm and the realization that they really miss playing with cars.
So.....with there still being another month or so of decent weather, the plan is for the 3 of us to spend some of our free time wrenching on this thing.
Good times....20221001_123444.jpg


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