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90hp in a modern cam, port work and some other details...

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Thanks for posting that! If you go to the whole playlist for the videos of that engine rebuild, there's some seriously good info from very knowledable people. I just spent the evening watching the ones on block machining, pistons & conrods, cam design, and top end assembly & dyno testing.
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I’ve been following the series on You Tube. 300hp from the 9.0 compression motor. Lake is planning on running g it at VIR.

I thought it was making 300hp because they hurt the motor. Originally the engine made 690hp and now it's 780hp. Was really surprised it was only 9:1, that was very surprising to me.


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Me also.
They bought the motor off the internet. It had not run in years. The story on you tube shows the process they went through fairly well. I love who they got to hone the cylinders.
The Dyno sheet they got with the motor may be suspect. Shocking. Dish pistons along with aging did not help the power levels. What do they call that?? An EBay rebuild, just a coat of new paint. Lol :ohdamn:

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