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Aftermarket Front A-Arms

Agreed, and of all the myriad or folks who have installed the tall ball joints and bumpsteer kits...or just bump steer kits in general, I haven't met ONE who has set the bump properly.
Just as a reminder, here are the ACTUAL results I personally measured while doing mine.
First with the parts just thrown on and second with the bump corrected using an actual bump steer gauge-not just a guess by looking at the control arm angle and winging the adjustment.

This is what you get when you guess:
.240 out in only 2 1/2" of travel...that's 1/4" of an inch!

This is what you get when you do it properly:
.018 out in a full 3" of travel...that's only .006 per inch.

Which do you think would be more a stable/predictable car to drive?

As I always say, if you aren't going to do it right, don't do it at all.
The only possible result will be making it worse.
You may not realise it, but it definitely won't be right, unless you do it right.
My recommendation: Skip the tall ball joints and bump kit.

Okay, off my soapbox.
which is exactly why I have not gone down that path. When my stock FCA/joints/bushings do wear out and require replacing I will then tackle this beast. It will be one of the few times I take the car to a proper shop to have the work done.
Will run 18x11 square with 305 slicks on track. Stock rubber on the street. I will have camber maxed out at the track....right now I get 2.7 but switching to MM plates that are pre-assembled with the coilovers. I honestly can't say I am that familiar with adjusting ride height, when to adjust, what level front to rear. This is the first coilover set-up I have ever run.
I am running the same setup as you, Coretx SA JRI's w/a 450lb spring on the front and 275 on the rear. I also run a square 305's, a Strano adjustable front ARB (middle hole) and a 20mm rear bar. I set up my ride height according to Cortex's instructions which is not as low as other run. One thing you need to keep in mind as that the lower your ride height the shorter the rod stroke is for shock. If your running a 450 lb spring rate and your on a track that is not very smooth or that has high g-loading areas, you might start to bottom out, which would force you to go to a stiffer spring.
I like the setup; it's fairly neutral. I can get on the power early and the only time it under steers is when I overdrive the car.
This is an interesting thread; let's us know what you did and how you like it. You are going to be amazed at how those coilovers and stickier tires transform your car.
just a thought....Headers are my favorite upgrade so far. Specially at the bottom end.

Don't tease me....

the only time it under steers is when I overdrive the car

What? Overdrive the car......never!

Cruiserfx, I am waiting on the same Strano bar as you have so we are very close in setup indeed. When I first got the coilovers I was ready to jump right to a higher spring rate but I am pretty sure the Cortex folks know more than me. Seems others agree with the rates. It's below zero here right now so no garage work this weekend. Parts are just sitting everywhere waiting for their turn. I will get there by the spring.

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