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Yea I would definitely like to see all the work you’ve been doing implemented on the GT. Would be great since all the good stuff is usually only made for the GT350/R. I am in Maryland near Baltimore. I plan to visit VIR twice this year(most likely second half of the year). If you still haven’t found a car, I will volunteer my car for whatever you need. When I register for an event there, I will let you know.

I was wondering the same as I am also on BMR springs but going to height adjustable rears will allow you to corner balance and in turn provide better performance. So might be worth doing anyways?
Yeah, reach out when you'll be at VIR. I'm close enough where I may just come hang out anyway. And yes, our kit will allow height and corner balance adjustment as well as the ease of changing spring rates and many spring rate options.
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Hello all. We’ve just installed AJ’s height adjustable spring perches front and rear on my car. I only have a few road miles since the install, and I won’t be on track again for a few weeks. I’ll provide an update after my track event, but so far I’m hyped about the possibilities. The parts are first rate quality and design. Installation is totally manageable with hand tools and a spring compressor (fronts).
Humming along with several consecutive projects at a time. Some may be turned into videos and some I'm just gonna nock out. I've finalized the mag ride coilover conversions and production pieces showed up. Several are out and already ran in anger on track. I'm working on making myself solid spherical bushings along with adjustable sway bar end links. I've decided to remove the E brake and wanted to remove the OEM cast iron backing plate so some E brake shims were cut and will save just over an extra 5lbs in the rear. Not much but easy weight savings. Made a mold of the oil filter trap door and turned into carbon. This is the precursor to molding and making a carbon fiber GT350 under tray. Whats cool is since the front subframes are essentially the same among all S550's, it can easily attach to any S550...I think. I'm also exploring options to fit my brakes under 18" wheels cause I'm leaning towards turning the GT350 into an American Iron car.

IMG_7070.JPGIMG_7082.JPGswaybar link front.PNGswaybar link rear.PNGIMG_7077.JPGIMG_7091.JPGIMG_7096.JPGIMG_7098.JPGIMG_7099.JPGIMG_7100.JPG


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Pleasanton: 1/2 way between Sonoma and Laguna Seca

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