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Bay Area
What was your failure? Just installing mine after having it in a box for years.
The unit stopped working properly and sent all types of codes to the car. There where a few times it would go WOT and hit redline then the car would go into limp mode. The WOT throttle coming out of turns was the scary part. I did reach out to AutoBlip but I purchased mine directly from the founder and his brother couldn't locate any documentation because it was so far back. I sent to him and he tested it on his car and said that it worked fine but that was not acceptable to me. I told him to throw it in the trash. While he did offer a discounted one I just figured out to heel toe and IMHO thats much better than letting the autoblip do it for me. Especially when I double downshift into T11 at Sonoma.

EDIT- I forgot to include that this had happen to others and Auto Blip was aware of it because they basically emailed me back an exact description of what was happing to another S550 but in the street.

But when the unit works, it works great. Luckily for me the failure just forced me to learn heel / toe.
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