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Bob's Ton of Posts!

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Bill Pemberton

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You will love this TMS, my neighbor across the street bought a lawn tractor with every single option available and one accessory is a killer snow blower attachment . His driveway is only about 50 by 50 ft wide , so to get use out of his high dollar John Deere he has done my driveway whenever it snows , for free , since 2005!!!!

He won't accept pay , so over the years Liz bakes him cookies , we give him gift cards, or Omaha Steaks, but I have been free of cleaning my driveway of snow since we moved in. You may have guessed it, I have never bothered to buy a snowblower!
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Hey, It's Saturday, It's the weekend....When your retired, everyday is the's a blessing I cherish every day when I wake up and don't have to go anywhere!....I used to wake up at 4AM and be out the door by my body clock gets me up 8-ish.....what a difference!!!!!!!!!.....I'm coming on 8 yrs of retirement in June and I've enjoyed every second of it!!! I feel so sorry for the people who never got to enjoy the thrill of a permanent vacation like I am enjoying............People ask "What do you do all day"....I tell them "Whatever I want to do!!!!!!!!!!!".....Some of them don't know I have a Boss in the garage that keeps me smiling............:hellyeah:


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Anybody remember this?
I remember watching the Sha Na Na version on their short-lived television show.

Remember all the variety shows on TV in the 1970's hosted by musical acts - Sonny & Cher, Sha Na Na, Captain & Tenille, The Jacksons, Donny & Marie (Osmond), Tony Orlando & Dawn, The Smothers Brothers? Plus you had my two favorite varity shows, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In and The Flip Wilson Show.

The bit in the Allen Sherman show intro where he walks out in the professor costume with the backing music reminded me of Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge. This clip is from a movie he and his band were featured in.

Here's another clip of him doing a show for Armed Forces Radio Service during WWII. The guy reading the poems is Ish Kabibble, a semi-famous trumpet player in the band. Mel Blanc does a great bit around the middle of the clip, with Lucille Ball as his girlfriend doing a quick one-liner.
Right leg, behind the knee acting up....this could put a damper on a Boss ride golden yrs were in my 20' least I'm still around to complain about it...........and remember those days...............;);););)

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