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Bob's Ton of Posts!

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Hon didn't make anything for did din today...........that's OK.......I got some Bob Evans garlic mashed potatoes and Hillshire all beef Kabasi to zap later....I'll be eatin good in the neighborhood, for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......don't forget that clausen pickle.......;);););)


Spending my pension on car parts and track fees.
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10-20 Years
Liverwurst. My story.
I love a good liverwurst sandwich, but…..
One day I was grading Jumpmaster students flying a C-130. Both back doors were open and I stood in back with an emergency chute and clipboard. The fumes from the engines would gather in the back. Between flights I had lunch. Yep, a nice Liverwurst sandwich and some pistachios from a vending machine on the airfield. We went back up for our second flight of the day.
As one can imagine, jet fuel amd Liverwurst just didn’t seem to go together. Who knew?? After about 15 students, second lift, I started to feel sick. I move to the door, remove the student and attempt to deposit my lunch over Washington state. Attempted because the wind had different plans. What went out came back to place of origin. The second coming of liver, I had a better plan. Door open, I put my face outside the training edge of the door. Away she went, success. All this time the students and my fellow instructors thought I was crazy and likely trying to jump, until they saw me come back in. A few laughed, fun crowd. I took a break, and let PO Brown grade a few, then finished up the last few students.
And yes, even after several turns around them DZ and the flight back to McCord, evidence of the event were still on the outside of the aircraft……and me.
Not sure if I have had a Liverwurst sandwich since then.
Lousy Saturday..........lite rain this morning.barely 60 today......drying out now...might even see a glimpse of sun before the afternoon says goodbye....No Park Ave today..I doubt if they even showed up on a day like today..........Tomorrow sun and fun in the Boss with tomatoes and corn....Butter and sugar...I only get the silver queen once in a great while...........
TMS....LOL right back at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Man I'm sure we could hammer some "stuff" back if we ever got together. us and that Bill P. fellow....just a thought that I savor................Mad're too far away....have one on me..
I wasn't gonna say anything about this sad day for me but grief has a way of taking over things....33 yrs ago my first wife died in front of me on the couch in our living room....I called 911 and EMT's revived her body but not her soul...........RIP Angel Susie Mae...............

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