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Bob's Ton of Posts!

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Hello Everyone, maybe I should leave it at that and call it a day?..........went to the knee ortho doc today and he said the xrays don't encourage any hope for my knee getting any better any time soon.......He prescribed more pills to help with the shot I got in my knee, but his prognosis didn't sound too convincing, to say the least least He's honest........I don't want no more surgery and rehab.............I just want to drive my Boss and go to the grocery store once and a while on my own...........things I took for granted for longer than were given to me..........
TMS. The knee is what it is......BAD........I.m just so happy I have Hon, Son, and everybody else to help thru this ordeal............I could use another word, but I'll just leave it at that......PTL...figure that one out............if you dare or care...................

Mad Hatter

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Santiago, Chile
look on the bright side! My brother has a lot of knee problems and is living in the UK and his doctor said try cumin with pepper capsules. He said they worked a lot better then the pills he was popping before. That and in the worst case, how about a new knee!! A track buddy got one and now he switched from automatic Carrera to a manual Cayman GT4, because he could shift again!

Bill Pemberton

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Actually the knee replacement, anymore , is a cure all for many. I know an 80+ year old lady with both knees done and I can barely keep up with her. Don't look at replacement as horrible , because often when the pain is caused from bone on bone and cartilage breakdown a new one can alleviate the pain. Think of folks who have new hips and are zipping around now, a replacement might be the answer and even a good one.
Bill, I know....I've heard good things and also not so good things about knee replacemrnts..........maybe that's the way to go..........I just want to walk again without a cane or walker........when I'm in the Boss it doesn't matter..............maybe I'll just live in the Boss....................


breaker of wrenches
Bob , I had a total knee replacement 2 years ago and haven't looked back. After 35 years of landscaping, construction, roofing, flooring and anything else you could think of to wear out my knees, I had to get a new one! I limped around for 8 years bone on bone . ( very painful ) The worst part is doing the rehab and physio but it is worth it !!! I do 10-12 thousand steps a day now , no problem.
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Second & third the total knee replacement choice. My paddock queen had her left knee done (after 2nd opinion). The steroid shots were of no relief and a couple times the drainage procedure was short lived. The replacement has made her life normal again but, yes, the pain for 2 weeks after and then the PT for a month did pay out.
TMS, I never knew my suspension needed an upgrade until father time came knockin on the door recently............I'll hold off on any more surgery for now....knee replacement don't sound good no matter how good you sugar coat it....................where's that chicken emoji???????????
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