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Capaldi Racing Member Special - 5.2L "GEN 2" WATER PUMP KIT M-8501-M52A

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3-5 Years
25 min. to 1½ hrs. from Sonoma (ugh... traffic!)
there's enough meat on the driver's cylinder head outlet adapter to drill and tap for 1/8 NPT - and its definitely the hottest point (I've seen 260* there while trying to melt my motor racing in Arizona)

View attachment 65507

I really liked this idea, and had just enough room to do likewise!G2 (1).jpgG2 (2).jpg


Lord knows I'm a Voodoo Child
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Time Attack
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10-20 Years
Cookeville TN
So what's the final word on this water pump? I'm going to swap in a custom 302R PWR radiator in that's high density, but I have seen mixed feedback on the pump. Any quantitative improvements?
Chris, no hard data but the impeller is wider, flows more, and supposedly made of a better material. If you've got miles on your current setup then the new pump and tensioner won't hurt. I have run mine and it seems like a small drop in operating temps from 235 peak CHT to 227. But as you know many variables come into play.


Phoenix, Az
Curious, why did you stop running a electric pump?? It was on my wish list.
the car seemed to make the same power and cool the same with a mechanical pump (delta between pumps within margin of error), and was able to offload it to free up some cash to get a torque arm. It was really nice to run it when coming off track in impound with engine off - though I struggled with the smaller capacity batteries I ran - both on track and off with the pump.

I think now with a bigger battery and running a larger alternator (and having a bit more income these days) I'd have kept the electric pump. Maybe some day I'll run one again.

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