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Gotcha. Am I correct in understanding that the lock collar has provisions for set screws? If so, don't hesitate to tighten them. Again, if you don't go overboard, they won't damage the threads cut into the shock body.

Ugh, sorry, I meant to better explain but got distracted at work. THere are no lock screws on the lock collar, it just jams into the strut collar from the top. The threads don't stick out the bottom so I can't put a second collar there.

The strut collar has two threaded holes in the back, one of which is where the chrome tab is on the MM photo. Said holes are designed to hold the abs tab or brake line bracket or whatever. I am not using them and could possibly put set screws in there, but I worry about messing up the threads on the strut body.

Though I guess that wouldn't be much different than the lock screws on the spring adjusting collars (though my particular setup uses a second collar to jam)?


I currently have Eibach R1's on my car and I'm looking for something a bit better, would the Xtreme-Grip Coilovers be a good option for me? The car is mostly a daily driver with canyon driving, I haven't tracked the car yet but it's something I'm going to get into soon. My budgets not the biggest, trying to stay around 3k so the JRi SA's a bit far. I want to get the 315 offset to keep options open, is the helper springs necessary?
The Koni dampers should work just fine. IMO I'd save up and get the JRi SA setup, they worked well on my Boss. @Grant 302

Grant 302

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The Koni dampers should work just fine. IMO I'd save up and get the JRi SA setup, they worked well on my Boss. @Grant 302
I was mulling over my answer since I saw lemonths post...
And I agree with tending toward the JRi SA units.

And not just for the sake of spending OPM. ;)

lemonth - If you have the inclination to deal with the steep learning curve for the DA units...I'd suggest considering them too. I have zero regrets over getting them myself. Though I don't think you could go wrong with any of those three damper options and the CorteX offset.

One more option to consider would be the SA fronts an DA rears. Extra adjustability for the rear is worth it for both comfort and grip control, IMO. Only caveat again is the steep learning curve.

@ArizonaBOSS - also curious if you'd recommend the DA units. I'm certainly impressed by their support for your race efforts.

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Looking back, I would have perferred the DA shocks instead of the SA Konis..... But having a simple set it and forget it setup does make the learning curve easier, no doubt about that!!
Thank you all for your guidance, I think I'm going to go with the SA JRi setup. I personally prefer the simplicity of one adjuster as I haven't raced on the track yet. I personally want to avoid Koni, I had both my rear shocks blow within 2 years of street driving and I'm not even sure if the fronts are still good. It with with Ford K-springs and MM caster/camber plates. They rode great, even better than the Eibach R1's I have now. But the reliability is just trash.

This was from pushing it down 2 months ago, the other one took a while to get back up. The other one I can't even manually pull it back.

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