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DOW 23,000+ today?

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
With that VIX spike, it'd almost seem like pretty far otm puts on the SPX and SPY are almost guaranteed money, and QQQ to a lesser degree, although I guess cash is always a position.
And all you gotta understand are which strikes are the ones that ‘expand’ the most with the expected move…assuming you expect the right move…and the right timeframe. 😉
Otherwise, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. 😁

I’d say just remember that the movement in the VIX is a symptom, not the cause.


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Hang on to your hats, I'm guessing the stock market is going to be a rough one tomorrow.


Cones - not just for ice cream
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Odds on tripping the circuit breakers?

I'm thinking some of this was already baked in over the last several days / weeks. But I'm not sure most players thought they'd go for the whole pie instead of just the couple slices on the east end, at least since Monday night.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
I’m up almost 5% for the day right now.
People buy insurance for so many things…except their equities and investments.

Essentially, I bought double…in a costless or ‘free’ strategy. Crazy, right? 😁
Last Wednesday, everybody thought was going to be invasion day......nothing......since then "it could be any time now"........Putin is just laughing as he watches the media circus unfold.All those sanctions coming his way don't seem to phase him.......Bill P. is right.....This is going to get ugly when it DOES happen, that's for sure!
Another tidbit from "Today In History".....".March 8, 1817..... The New York Stock & Exchange Board, which had its beginnings in 1792, was formally organized; it later became known as the New York Stock Exchange."

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Just getting interesting.
I keep telling people to hedge. Nobody really does, AFAIK. Spike in the VIX is paying pretty well right now. Gonna fund a lot of purchasing when the time comes.
Still this.
South (just) of 32k is a target. Somewhere just North of 4k for the S&P. Time will tell.
And finally this. Prediction/target quoted from late Jan ’22. Should’ve said yesterday.


Good times, until I see the tax bill.

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