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EBC yellow stuff versus...

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Looking for recommendations on pads for Gonzo. I have historically used EBC Yellow stuff on my VW's in the past with great success. I used ceramic pads this past weekend and they barely last a single day with 4-30 minute heats. Lesson learned.

So, any winners for good-great track day pads that are manageable for the street. Some of the guys at the track were mentioning staying away from full-on race pads as the dust can be corrosive to the wheels. So if anyone out there has a good intermediate pad they recommend I'd be all ears.

Also, I have drilled and slotted rotors from PowerStop. I've read that drilled rotors are not recommended due to cracking? This true?

I'm also down to continue using EBC, just can't find them as easily like I did for my VW's.

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We have numerous sponsors on here that sell brakes and pads, with two brake pad companies , one of which is EBC , so hopefully they will pop on here and answer your questions. EBC has noted they are working on even more racing applications and they do have specific track pads for Mustangs.
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Ive ran the EBC yellows before with the Stock Boss 302 Calipers. If your running brake ducts and with good fluid they should work just fine. I have a set of brand new EBC yellows and a used set that is around 90% if your interested PM me.

EBC Brakes

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Our recommended offering for a track pad that is also street capable would be our BlueStuff, they have good modulation and better friction than the Yellowstuff and will last longer. Yellowstuff will hold up well with lighter cars, but for something like a Mustang i would always recommend Blue if tracking.

Read more about Bluestuff here

View the full range for Ford here

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To hijack theis thread a little. Crossed drilled rotors have a bad rap. I find this kinda true. Cross drilled cool better by design. And if you keep them long enough the failure mode is cracks. I have always run cross drilled and replace them when they wear down to the min thickness. But I do find that the slotted rotors of today are the best overall. But they do crack as well
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Find me a single cross-drilled disc in any professional racing series and then we'll talk more about running them.

As far as EBC pads go, I'm running the Blues and I like them. Cold friction is normal and overall stopping power is way up.

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