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Front Spring Isolator Question...

I have BMR Handling springs on Koni yellows, and have been wanting to raise the front end a bit. I have looked at trying to adapt a GC setup to get stiffness as well, but never pulled the trigger (yet).

My BMR springs do not have lower spring isolators on them like the factory springs did.

Has anyone experimented to see how much adding/removing them changes ride height? (Hoping for something approaching 1/4"...)

Can they be added without removing / disassembling the struts?
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I'm not aware of an isolator for the front. There is a sleeve:

If this is what you mean then there is hardly any change in ride height. In fact, I think the proper way of installing it is to leave a quarter or half turn of the bottom coil bare.

There's no way I can imagine this could be installed without removing and disassembling the strut assembly.
Closing the loop on this in case it is helpful for anyone else... I was able to install these with the front end unloaded, and without disassembling. That likely will vary alot with your setup...

They raised the nose ~1/8", which is not much, but with the wheel and tire package I am running, every bit helps.

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