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Going Square General Noob Questions...

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
twistedneck said:
My car has oversteer issues :eek:

Not surprising with that setup. I think the 22mm bar should solve the main issue.

If that's no enough adjustment for you, then the 18mm or running staggered tires would help like Steve says.
steveespo said:
Your setup seems to be destined for oversteer, here's why;
Spring rate ratio is too close you either want more front spring or less rear. Depending on your track layout you may want to change one end or the other. Slow/twisty track soften the rear, high speed/sweeping course stiffen the front. Overall this car benefits from more spring rate than less on track but you need a bigger spread especially with square tire setup.

Rear bar can go to 18mm or 13mm(1/2"), this will help traction and corner grip.

Leave the camber alone.

Put more rear tire on it. I run 295/305 setup now and it gets very neutral on exit, still fight a little understeer on entry, my driving style has to change, need to carry more speed and let the car roll through off throttle vs. maintenance throttle to the apex.

Just my observation, you seem to be knowlegable, good luck with it.

If shocks are worn replace them, uncontrolled springs cause funny handling issues.

Steveespo and Grant,

I was not aware that these cars needed a different rate front to rear i'm assuming mostly to address the heavy front end. the change to 22mm rear bar was a huge help - I mean it made such a difference. I have not carved enough corners yet but the car does not push so far but no tracking yet.

I also have the 18,19 and 20mm rear bars coming in for more tuning. Still.. with all this extra power of the coyote I still have tons of power oversteer to the point that it masks the real oversteer / understeer balance.

waiting for coilovers!

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