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Going up to 22mm rear sway bar?

VTBoss302 said:
It sounds like we are both in similar situations of trying to dial out a bit of understeer without going too far in the other direction

In the end it's all about coming up with a setup that works best for you

Tire pressure and shock adjustments made a difference for me when I was still running the stock 25mm rear bar

However, it wasn't enough which is why I decided to experiment with different rear bars (I bought a 22mm and a 24mm)

They are relatively inexpensive and my dealer gives me employee pricing, as well (I think MSRP is around $90 a bar and I paid a little over $60 each)

Based on first hand experience, I feel confident in telling you that the 22mm will not be too much rear bar for you

I THINK the 24mm bar will end up being the right balance for ME, but I won't know until I get it back to the track next year (we've already had a hard frost around here)

Will play with the tire pressure and see, but I can see 22mm RSB in my future; next year.
2012Boss302 said:
Aren't the stock shocks single adjustable with a very narrow range ??

I don't know, we run $8500 penskes, you can jack them 6 ways to sunday

old post but still holds true

I think you'll be money ahead to build your car around that 18mm bar


found some images of the Roush cars in GS


center cornering




Looks like marshmallows for the rear spring/shock/ bar setup to me
FWIW to those concerned about using a spherical bearing on the RLCA's I am using Cortex's "Street" arms which are a combo spherical/poly setup (Poly on the body side) and they are as quiet as a field mouse. Well, at least I think they are but having a fairly loud exhaust in combination with rolling around with the windows down and the radio up tends to mask most noise issues one may encounter IME 8)

I really think the design of said RLCA'S makes all the difference between the ones that make noise and the ones that don't.
If it matters the t2 car that set on the pole (the one that got hit in turn 1) at the SCCA runoffs had the rear sway bar disconnected (laguna seca)


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blacksheep-1 said:
If it matters the t2 car that set on the pole (the one that got hit in turn 1) at the SCCA runoffs had the rear sway bar disconnected (laguna seca)

Rob what upper rear link do you use? Stock?, Multimatic? some other? I just did the Steeda Spherical to help allow the axle to articulate more freely along with the 18mm rear bar.

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