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Kenny Brown Extreme Matrix

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400lb Gorilla
Denver, CO
I installed this 5 years ago. Truly adds stiffness and also very nice to be able able to place jack or stands any where on the rail.

Can you tell me a bit more?

1) Do you have a GT or a Boss?
1b) If a Boss how did you navigate the side exhaust?

2) Any increase or decrease in NVH? KB claims a noticeable decrease.

3) Any rust forming on the matrix?

4) When you say ‘adds stiffness’ can you elaborate on what you have seen/felt?

Thank you for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

1) I have a 2012 Boss LS
1b) Prior to installing this I had converted to an off-road h-pipe with no cat and no side pipes. Since then I have a custom-made side exhausts, no rear, to accommodate my diffuser.
2) Regarding NVH, it has been years since my car was a nice street ride. With all my mods it is anything but a comfortable ride.
3) No rust, however rarely do I drive in rain, and that has only been a handful of times.
4) Regarding stiffness, that was so many years ago, it is tough for me to specifically describe the impact. I do recall being very pleased with improved cornering and less body sway. It was also visible when jack from a corner, the entire side of the car raises with little deflection.

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