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MP numbers

Exp. Type
Drag Strip
Exp. Level
10-20 Years
Chicago IL
Hi Guys - New to the forum and great information here! Longtime Mustang enthusiast with bad addiction for these cars. Just purchased an IS - LS 2012 MP0007 - 9971 are last four of VIN. Curious if there was a record of the car anyone here had/has? Thanks in advance!
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20+ Years
I posted the below about a week ago in the “ PP, MP & TT car info” thread.

After recently purchasing MP0011 I started scouring data for preproduction 2012’s. This is the data I have compiled so far from various sources. Some of the data is incomplete due to the source either stating plate number/VIN/color or some portion of the three. Sometimes I would just happen to see an intake/engine photo with no reference to the car color.
It is entirely possible this list has been compiled before by someone (PTRocks) and I haven’t found it yet. If so, I hope someone can point me in the direction of it. If not, hopefully someone can help me filling in some of the missing holes and correcting errors. Especially in the MP cars. Thanks!

12 PP cars.
PP0001 #199915 Laguna
PP0002 #?? PW
PP0003 #?? CO
PP0004 #?? CO
PP0005 #199916 Black Laguna
PP6-12 ???

44 MP cars
At least 13 LS (including the GB auction car)

MP01 #199927 PW
MP02 #199928 IS LS
MP04 #199930 BY
MP05 #199947 Blk LS
MP06 #199984 CO/B
MP07 #199971 IS LS
MP08 #199929 YB
MP11 #199931 KB
MP12 #199943 CO
MP13 #199___ Blk LS
MP15 #199944 CO/Blk
MP16 #199___ Blk LS
MP18 #199933 ??
MP19 #199___ LS
MP23 #199___ PW
MP26 #199936 PW
MP28 #199___ Blk LS
MP30 #199964 CO
MP32 #199938
MP33 #199962 Red
MP34 #199980 Blk LS
MP36 #199967 YB
MP37 #199___ IS LS
MP38 #199959 KB
MP39 #199940 Red
MP42 #199965 CO
MP44 #199___ YB
MP?? #199982 Grabber Blue JDRF charity auction car.
Missing information on MP003, 9, 10, 14, 17, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 28, 29, 31, 35, 40, 41 and 43. One of these is the JDRF car.

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