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S550 Mustang GT4 build pics Build Thread

Excellent thread and videos. Is this the 6 pot forged Brembo race setup or the billet 4 pot? I saw the rears didn't get a look at the front. I ask because braking is spectacular.

Do you run two ducts per wheel and if so, are they the huge 4" ones?

The braking is so impressive, as is the grip out of corners (not to mention mid corner but that's downforce and tires)

the braking and out of the corner grip are something to behold. Freakin Aussie v8 supercar trans helps too i'm sure. I didn't see the air tank. Well you could have gone for the X-trac, why the budget Holinger? JUSK [email protected]!!!
I've been wondering that myself, and I did some side-by-side comparisons of video from good laps in both cars. The GT4 has a bit more mid-corner grip in both low- and high-speed corners; the 458 has better acceleration. Braking appears similar. I'd say it's a driver's race between the two cars.

I plan to put this theory to the test next time my wife's at Sonoma. We'll do a little "Ford Vs Ferrari" action and see what's what.

Treynor: That is some car you have there.


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Definitely a stout machine and pulling by some of the fast machines ( Vipers , Porsches, etc. ) shows how strong the GT4 is! The ACR-E is no slouch on the track, though the driver in the video was definitely not running a solid line, and yet the Treynor Train railroaded that driver.
Ben, What does your GT4 weigh? I removed all the boxes and weights. I plan on running long tube headers and GT350 intake setup as well as the Roush Yates tune in the future.
Keep coming back to these wheels.. i forget the brand but they look perfect with the 18" slicks. I keep saying as soon as my Chinese g-force Vorschlag wheels fail i'll slap those on. They wont give up.

FYI - there are some big aftermarket coyote NA high rev/ high HP options on the near horizon with billet heads and larger valves. This car would love it.

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