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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE! Coyote Swap Power Steering Pump Adapter


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In my quest to swap a Coyote into my 2008 track car, I wanted to keep the hydraulic power steering rack. Its cheap. Its reliable. It doesn't respond oddly to stiffer bushings. I first saw the Ford Racing setup and thought that it was heavy, over-priced and has issues clearing in the 05-09 chassis. Then I looked at the PBH setup and while it does allow for A/C pump placement, it looks way more complicated and difficult to install than I needed...and A/C is not on my wish list...and it REALLY expensive.

So, I set out to find a better solution. I believe I have found it. By using the factory A/C "stretchy" serpentine belt, it doesn't need tensioners or multi-piece construction with jacking screws. With that approach, all that's needed is a single plate that spaces the pump out to the perfect position. And before everyone starts on the "I hate stretchy belts" grumblings, its even an easy installation. What the A/C pump lacks in the install, the PS pump has...a place to apply leverage. It can be put on in a few minutes with no busted knuckles or cursing!

The design addressed all my concerns: lightweight (under 1lb), cheap (half the cost of the FRPP unit), no clearance problems, easy to install. If you or someone you know is swapping a Coyote and doesn't require A/C, this is the hot ticket!



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Still offering this product or is this discontinued?

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