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Oil line issue (common early (-2016) GT350s)

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Hey all,
Heads up...I have a 2017 GT350R and was told the oil line issue (single crimp vs. double crimp at oil cooler fitting) was fixed by my car's manufacture date, so I did not get a recall replacement. forward about 5 HPDE events and my line at the fitting failed in somewhat spectacular (and expensive) fashion at COTA the other weekend. HEAVY smoke, but was able to whoa up and shutdown prior engine damage. $900 worth of oil dry later, I found the "fixed" replacement line that was stock on my car was the culprit. As I am now afraid a more rapid evacuation of oil would surely kill my engine, I have swapped to aftermarket upgraded oil lines (from costing about double the stock parts charge ($500). Just a warning to those who track fairly regularly that the updated line still has problems, though the failures may be less complete and catastrophic than the older oil lines of the first couple of years.

Maybe I just got a lemon, but with other similar issues out there, I think it is a systemic issue on all the GT350s, and may eventually rear its ugly head if not dealt with.
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I have a fairly early 2016- addressing this is on the list.
Especially if they didn't replace the line under recall, back when...It's really one of the few really weak points on the car. The sad thing was that if the line had caused the engine to blow-up, my extended warranty would not have helped. Apparently they consider any hoses "expendable"...kind of crazy when there is no replacement cycle on these parts. If the hose caused an engine seizure, the motor would have been all up to me to replace. $25K is a tough pill to swallow, in that case!

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