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Race Brake Pads

G-locs from what I hear are basically carbotechs. The Gloc guys are ex-carbotech employees. They even use a similar nomenclature mindset to aid customers which is why I like the carbotechs. They start XP8 go to XP24 and it is easy to go up and down the line to find where you want to be. I've been running CT's clubracing for 2 decades. On the s550 GT XP24/XP12 and they work not quite as well as the XP20/XP12 combo on my Ex Racer C5Z06 Vette. Is that pads or brakes on the relative chassis I do not know not running anything else on the mustang.

But CT has gotten crazy expensive. Front PP1 S550 XP24 pads are $350+!!! Lots of people race the Hawk DTC series and those are 1/2 the price! The DTC-70/DTC60 combo is what I'm trying next. The front DTC70 is $180 bucks.

One complaint on the DTC70 is they eat the rotors. For those who run the DTC70 is this true? I'm into my 2nd year of racing on the 2 piece V3 PFC rotors and Carbotech XP24 pads! That's awesome rotor wear considering the mustang is a much heavier car than the vette. Carbotechs have always been kind there. I used to get a year+ of racing out of my Stoptech 2 piece rotors on the vette. If the Hawks eat rotors then the cost saving is not there.

What are you guys seeing in rotor wear vs. pad choice?

I am also curious to know from others what they've discovered on the DTC 70s. I am also considering running DTC 70 (F) and DTC 60 (R).

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
I would think twice about running the Hawk pads... they may be cheap but the will last very little and eat the discs faster then any other pad around. In the end they are an expensive option. I Like the Gloc 18 pads up front, they brake as well as the much more expensive Pagid RST 2 or 3 pads but wont last as long.

Recently saw the Hawk DTC 70 pads destroy a set of discs in 20min.

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
From what I saw... worse... the guy lost a pair of $1000 discs in 20min..... they only had four sessions on them. Was painful to see!

He does have a 635hp supercharged M3 and was chased by a gaggle of cayman Gt4's. So I guess he cooked them, his discs not the gators...
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I tried a lot of different Brake setups, some only lasting two practice days. I finally had a new set of brembo rotors cryogenically frozen and installed Pagid RST2 pads and ran the whole 2021 racing season on them and the pads survived and the rotors still look great.
I just tried some Carbotech pads, new to me, XP20 front and XP12 rear. I've been running Raybestos ST45 for many years and love them, but alas, availability has been iffy. My car is a dedicated track car, 2012 GT with 2013 GT500 Brakes (15"/6 piston front and 13" single piston rear). Can't say that I like the Carbotechs much. Takes way more peddle pressure to get the job done. Initial bite is good and so is modulation, but takes 30% more pedal pressure after the initial bite. Not confidence inspiring. The pads were pre-bed from Carbotech, and I installed fresh plain rotors. Finished bedding the brakes on the track. Running Toyo RR tires.

Any comments are really appreciated. And, are G-locs essentially the same - should I expect similar brake response as the Carbotechs?
Just finished my third track day on the Carbotechs XP20/12s, and won't run those pads again. The friction is just not there, no where near the confidence of the Raybestos ST-45. And, they are wearing 4-5 times faster, in fact the rears are pretty much gone. Very disappointed. Not confident that moving up in CarboTech compound will make much difference. Anyone have experience with Cobalt? From what I can gather, they don't wear long either, and their friction levels don't look like they match the ST-45s.

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