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S197 Koni install/autocross setup: Ford suspension hardware question

I'm currently n the process of accumulating parts to finish my D-Street autocross build on my 2011 V6 performance package Mustang and was hoping to install my new suspension components while the SCCA season is still suspended. So far I've amassed a new set of Koni Yellows, custom RE suspension/Ford racing bumpstops, StranoParts adjustable rear sway bar, Ford Factory "Crash bolt kit" (to go along with slotting the struts per the factory manual), and a fresh set of Ford strut tops.

Before I start pulling the car apart I was hoping to gain some clarification regarding the hardware Ford uses on the factory mustang suspension. Specifically, is the suspension hardware for the s197 one time use?

I was reading some information on the Ford Performance/American Muscle websites and found they sell a complete hardware kit called the "Ford Performance Handling Pack Fastener Kit" (

In the description it describes the factory hardware as 1 time use, I just want to clarify if anyone can confirm this? Every other suspension build (albeit on other manufacturers cars) I've reused factory hardware provided it was in good condition. Looking for some feedback about what TMO members have used when modifying their mustangs' suspension. I'll order them ASAP if necessary, but want to ensure I'm not throwing money down the drain.

Thanks in advance for any insight you might be able to provide,

Norm Peterson

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There is a difference between "one time use" and "torque to yield".

TTY truly is one time use, because you have stretched the fastener into yielding slightly.

The "one time use" label can be applied to fasteners that come with a self-locking feature of their own, but are not torqued to the point of yielding. If it's a factory-applied threadlocking compound, you can usually wire brush it off and apply your own Locktite on re-assembly. The blue stuff would be my suggestion.

Distorted-thread fasteners - I wouldn't re-use those either.

One thing you do want to make sure of is that the strut to knuckle fasteners are the later fine-thread kind, that are torqued down to 166 ft*lbs.


Grant 302

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“It's my opinion that some are confusing the recent designation by Ford of certain suspension fasteners as 'one time use' to be equal to TTY. I have not encountered a single TTY bolt in any Ford that was *not* in the engine. But that's just my personal experience.

I do believe that the confusion is that some 'one time use' fasteners are designated that way due to pre-applied thread locker. If you are not using or re-applying thread sealant to bolts that were originally installed that way, then using new replacement fasteners is the way to go. Otherwise, I think you are okay if the threads are in good condition and you clean the threads and use the appropriate thread locker.

TTY bolts use a torquing procedure and don't have a 'single' torque spec. Just sayin' :)

On top of that, there are or may be some deformed nut fasteners.
Appreciate the input guys, I'll err on the safe side and order replacement hardware and postpone the install until next week. Would you recommend buying the full fastener kit or piecing together the bolts from an online parts department (like Tasca)?

Thanks again,

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
I don’t think it matters. I’d go with the one that’s cheaper, but I’m comfortable going through the parts ordering from dealers like Tasca. Ordering the kit would probably be a time saver for you and AM has good support.

Would also depend on anything else I might need to order at the same time.
Bay Area
Order the kit through Tasha or Levittown. I would order two just in case if you need something ASAP. I always have a spare set of one time use stuff stashed away. I know Levittown will do free shipping if you use code FS2020.


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Benny at Levittown is my go to guy on Ford OEM parts. Always takes good care of me, mostly the lowest price and usually will throw in a free shipping code.
If you want a tell-tale to determine if a bolt or nut has loosened or wasn't tight enough... Take a paint pen, draw a around the bolt head and/or nut and put a timing mark from the nut or bolt flat to the bracket. The circle tells you if the attachment joint slipped in the hole - not tight enough or the bolt stretched. The timing mark tells you if things got loose. All at a glance.

Use blue Loctite on every chassis fastener, every time it comes apart no matter if it is torque prevailing, Nyloc or other locking feature.

Did both on my racecar. Still doing this on my track car. Play time is hard on fasteners.

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