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S197 Spring and Sway Bar Rates

@twistedneck can you share the stabar, spring and bushing differences between the GT350 and GT350R?
Ill get specifics monday.

From what i remember the R has less bar rate in the rear. Same in front

Both gt350 and the R have exact same 65 durometer rubber front bush bonded to bar w metal internal rate plates and a shaped bottom sled plate base.
Crap.. i might be wrong it could be the slippy bush in front.. ill dig it up.

Newest design already testing is over 1.5 lbs lighter, softer rubber, yet higher rates! U will like it.

Dont forget two different folks tuned those..350 VS R. Different philosophy. One liked huge bars one liked smaller.
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While there are no published stats on the FRPP M-5490-A Blue Bar set, does anyone have any subjective experience with the 22mm rear bar as compared to the V6 22mm?

Are they the same or is the blue bar made of stiffer/solid steel.

I'm looking to try a move from my oem GT 24mm bar.


EDIT - removed reference to middle position of the rear bar since only the front is adjustable.
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Hyperco springs offered by Vorshlag with/or without MCS dampers for the S197:
  • Vorshlag's GT Spring Package is 450 #/in Front / 175 #/in Rear
  • Vorshlag's GTS Spring Package is 550 #/in Front / 250 #/in Rear
  • Vorshlag's GTR Spring Package is 800 #/in Front / 275 #/in Rear
Hey, it's that guy that does things years after everyone else has moved on. Did anyone ever get rates on the FR "blue bar" (front)?

As payment for that info, I will add the following:
H&R RSS Coil Overs (p/n: RSS29170): 1.2-2.7 in. drop F / 1.2-2.5 in. drop R - 630 # Front / 515 # R
H&R Coil Over Springs for RSS29170 (p/n: 29170CS3): 1.2-2.7 in. drop F / 1.2-2.5 in. drop R - 715 # Front / 600 # R
Bonus race setup seen in 2013:
2013 WC Boss 302S at COTA was running 900 # F / 400 # R (20 mm rear sway)
Another one was running 300 # R (FR "blue" 22 mm rear sway)

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