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You may want to go to a watts linkage instead of that panard bar...JS

From a bit of Reading, im starting to think you Are correct. I have been so obsessed with the 3rd link as its the last piece not replaced yet, that I May need to rethink and ask a conpletely different question :

With my setup, the rear end feels unstable, how can I fix it? Ill look into watts link, thanks.

Norm Peterson

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My opinion is better potential for grip on corner exit with the shorter arm…all depending on the rest of the rear setup in both geometry and hardware used. It’s all in the dynamic changes of instant centers for each side.
I'm thinking along the same lines.

The longer arm should have less migration of such points and could potentially be more consistent. I think this is generally true of the OEM setups and why Ford made the update.

I hope that’s not too vague.
Perhaps Ford was prioritizing straight line acceleration more with the extra power given to the later S197s . . .

I just went through this same thing and ended up going with a BMR 11+ upper mount with whiteline UCA with Max C bushings and a 2014 GT500 diff bushing. I feel this was the best set up for a street/hpde car.
The increase in rear grip with the Roush arm is mainly because it lowers the body side mounting point by about 3/4" which increases % anti-squat. That is why it was originally sold as a "no-hop" solution for the S197.

Again, Billy was quite clear that if it were still available from Roush, he would have used the 2011+ arm. He also is installing this in a car at near factory ride height (what is was designed for) and he has not installed lower control arm relocation brackets.

I think the Roush arm is a very good solution for a street car that sees some HPDE. It is not necessarily the best solution for an all out track or race car (which again, Billy clearly points out in his board answers and in his article).

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