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Wheels Spacers and Ride Height Front to Rear

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Getting ready for a November track day; just finished putting on Cortex racing front coilovers with Koni Shocks (500#). Still have Koni Yellow adjustables and rear springs in stock location (250#). I've mounted some 305 Pirelli DH slicks on Apex EC-7 ET52 wheels in 18X11. A couple of related questions:

1) What spacer is needed with the offset Cortex struts - is 1" still recommended?
2) What are the ideal ride heights front to back? I'm running about 27" to the wheelwell lip with Falken 295/40-18 in the front; should the back be 1/2" higher?

Thanks in advance
Cortex instructions, see p. 8 for ride height and rake instructions.

I also have the Cortex Koni coilovers and use 1" spacer in front with 19x11 SVE, 50ET, 305/30/19 tires. It works well for me. I think but am not positive you could use a slightly smaller spacer depending if you have the increased offset option on your coilovers? I would call Cortex, they sell all various sizes of spacers.

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The wheel will fit with as little as a 5mm spacer. 305 DH aren’t that wide, just get them mounted and test fit for the clearance you are comfortable with.

for the front, I suggest trying close to stock like in the -1/2” to -1” range. Lower only if you have tall ball joints and the requisite bumpsteer, alignment, etc.

For the rear…depends if you have brackets. Most start at a -2” adjustment and that’s already a lot. With 250# springs and no bracket, I wouldn’t go much past -1”.

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