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Futura or Timpte

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Wild Wonderful WV
I did a search and have not seen a recent discussion on these trailers and I am close to buying one so I thought I would reach out for some personal experiences here. I have an 08 Roush Trak Pak that I will be towing with my 2019 Raptor and I have narrowed my trailer search to the Futura and Timpte. I really like the Timpte changes in their new design and am leaning that way but being in WV I am having trouble finding any near me. Would yall mind to chime in with recommendations and experiences? Also, on the 18 vs 20 foot and how you think that will impact my current car and the Raptor. Thanks much.
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I’m in Maryland so somewhat close to you. I have seen quite a few posted in Facebook market place or in regional Facebook groups for near half off MSRP. If you are on Facebook it might be worth a look in the NASA NE group or HPDE classified group
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3-5 Years
Futura are legit. Its SOOOOOO easy and the best towing trailer I have ever had. They made big improvements in 2023 so try and get that model or newer if you can.

Only reason I bought my ATC was to protect the car (no windows) and I am going to sleep in it.

If you want to put tires and fuel in the front you will want the 20. Its worth it.



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