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  • blvckgt
    blvckgt replied to the thread 5W-20 or 5W-30.
    Short answer: 5w30. 2015-2020 s550s specifically have had '5w20' written on their oil cap but their manual also specifies to run 5w30 on the track From 2021+, they decided to replace 5w20 recommendation all-together and their oil cap now reads... (see full post)
  • PatrickStapler
    PatrickStapler replied to the thread 5W-20 or 5W-30.
    🤣🤣🤣…I have to get her there first. (see full post)
  • Stangra
    Other than the door sticker and dashboard at the base of windshield are there other locations with VIN numbers? I am looking for a salvage car and/or parts, and these locations aren't always available.
    Bang/smiles for the buck!! That’s what it’s all aboutcongrats on the season. (see full post)
  • Remember this is on the practice course, so it may not mean crap. Tomorrow in competition will be more of an was 65-70 degrees today. I took 3 runs on the practice course on the Yokohama. First was a throw away as I found the... (see full post)
  • Gman
    Gman replied to the thread S550 Wrecked 2.0+.
    Got the bay painted. Now I need to replace the brake booster, ABS and lines. I have the engine bay harness that will go in this weekend as well. Got the dash out so I can install the cage. (see full post)
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  • biggsy
    biggsy replied to the thread S550 First Track Build.
    I agree! I had an issue with wiring and they were very helpful in figuring it out.Now it's not that I'm having issues with the module, but more so that its difficult for me to get used to. When I downshift, I naturally rotate my heel to blip... (see full post)
  • RinerAuto
    Well the autocross season is over. Overall I'm really happy with how the car did and how we performed. In class I finished second behind the GT350R and Ashley finished second in Ladies. Overall PAX I finished 4th, which is the best I have ever... (see full post)
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  • RinerAuto
    RinerAuto replied to the thread SN95 ABS Module Relocation.
    Your car should be standalone, except for traction control. But I think the brake portion should work fine without the factory ECU. just needs power and wheel speeds. (see full post)
  • Fabman
    Fabman replied to the thread Track Time Videos.
    I do have an extra trans temp gauge in the dash that I'm not could happen. lol. Seriously, I am probably over cooling the oil....5/50 is good thin oil but that's probably cooler than it should be. I can tell you this, and you've seen... (see full post)
  • Avalanche
    so its not glamorous or anything super cool but I thought some people might wanna know about this. I found a spare tire kit to clear the brembos with the same diameter as the rear PP tires. got it with the jack and lug wrench. got it from these...
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    TMSBOSS replied to the thread 5W-20 or 5W-30.
    I can bring the bar to Barber. (see full post)
  • PatrickStapler
    PatrickStapler replied to the thread 5W-20 or 5W-30.
    That’s basically where I settled as well Tracy. Under warranty…use what the book calls for.I’ll give you Holly’s number. I’ve already tried…🤬🤬🤬. Work on the Barber event in February while you’re at it. (see full post)
    TMSBOSS replied to the thread 5W-20 or 5W-30.
    PatrickI looked at the manual also. Ford says 5W-30 and the car should still be under warranty. Not a hard decision there. Why do other sites list 5W-20? I could guess. Or better yet assume others are guessing. Why deviate away from the... (see full post)
  • navseng
    navseng replied to the thread Track Time Videos.
    Oh for sure, I know the advantages. I'm running a 35 psi pressure relief system on my car. It's all un tested still, but it should work well.Maybe we can convince him to add another gauge there.. For research purposes (see full post)