Most people who visit our website are interested in taking their Mustang to an event where they can test the limits of their driving skills. While many look for dedicated race tracks, others prefer the lower wear (and lower risk) option of autocross. The SCCA has been organizing autocross events longer than any other club around. And their recently added CAM series is aimed directly at muscle car owners, and Mustangs are a perfect fit.

The CAM (Classic American Muscle) series is, as its name suggests, geared towards the Detroit-based muscle car platforms, both vintage and modern. The series consists of three classes, designed to cater to vintage muscle cars, modern muscle cars, and 2-seater muscle cars.

CAM Classes​

  • CAM-T (Traditional) 1948-2000 "appearance" cars and trucks with seating originally for at least 4 people
  • CAM-C, (Contemporary) 2001+ model cars and trucks with seating originally for 4 people
  • CAM-S, (Sport) 1948-current model cars and trucks with 2 seats
The term appearance is used to describe model "generations" which share the same design language and engineering for a particular make. For example, the S197 Mustangs would be considered the same in appearance.

What Makes CAM Special​

The CAM series has enjoyed steady growth over the years and Mustangs make up a large percentage of the event entries all over the country. It's been said by many participants that it's one of the most welcoming and inclusive series out there. While other series tend to get complicated when it comes to classing and regulations, the SCCA has made a concerted effort to keep things simple with CAM. You don't have the common issue of a particular make/model dominating all the events, or the frustration of certain modifications automatically forcing you into a class you won't be able to compete in.


Quote from a TMO member:
In many SCCA autocross classes (especially street) where more often than not 1 or 2 models exclusively dominate the field. This can be a turn off to enthusiasts who have the “wrong car” or “wrong modifications” and cant really compete at a higher level in their traditionally designated SCCA class.

What makes CAM unique is that it is the exact opposite… it’s Inclusive. A place to run what you brung and have the opportunity to actually be competitive. This in turn creates an environment that promotes more diversity of participation, you never know what you’ll see on any given day in CAM!

the Class has a laid back, hang with your buddies feel that is reminiscent to the days of the crazy C Prepared folks ( some will say they are still crazy , ha). With so many here making fun little mods , even a camber plate will throw you out of the stock ( Street ) Class, CAM has been a fun place to go as well as to start auto crossing. You may just be lightly modded now , but this is a Class that gives you room to grow ( if you wish ) and everyone is super helpful. It also enables many to be creative with their cars and there are some unique upgrades with some folks.

CAM Rules​

You can find the most recent SCCA CAM rules on the SCCA website here. Here's an excerpt from the rules:

"The purpose of CAM is to attract automobile enthusiasts who are currently interested and/or participating in autocross events for muscle cars and vintage vehicles manufactured in North America by GM, Ford, Chrysler, and AMC. These avid enthusiasts would largely be a new and different group to join us as SCCA® members and participants. Regions are encouraged to offer this great recruitment tool to encourage Classic American Muscle car enthusiasts to join the fun at your SCCA® Solo® events!"

More About CAM​

Official CAM website:


Here's a description of the CAM series from the guy who helped get it off the ground and has contributed to its success for years now, Raleigh Boreen:

"CAM is the SCCA’s (Sports Car Club of America’s) class for Muscle Cars in Solo. For many years the perception was that the SCCA did not embrace Muscle Cars, wanting to cater to owners who had Sports cars like Miatas, Porsche’s, RX7’s and the like. That is totally untrue. SCCA wanted to create a series of Classes that would welcome people with Muscle Cars to participate in Solos held all over the country. Every year SCCA holds over 1,100 Solos both local and National events.

The CAM Classes that SCCA created are CAM-T (Traditional), CAM-C (Contemporary) and CAM-S (Sport). The classes are for American built cars sold by GM, Ford, Chrysler and AMC. The CAM-T class welcomes cars that are 1948-2000 in appearance that originally held four people. The term “in Appearance” means a 2000 Camaro is the same car as a 2002 Camaro so all Camaros like the 2000 model are eligible for CAM-T. In Mustangs the 2004 Mustang and older fall into CAM-T because basically the 2004 Mustang is the same car as the 2000 Mustang. The CAM-C class is for cars that are 2000 – current models, also carrying four people. The CAM-S class is all 2-seater cars from 1948 to current models. Each of the three classes have some weight requirements; if a car is too light for CAM-T or CAM-C, it goes to the CAM-S class. We do not want to send someone away if they are trying to participate in an SCCA Solo event. All pick-up trucks have the ability to run CAM-T, CAM-C or CAM-S, depending on how much they weigh.

In 2021, CAM drivers were consistently 12-15% or more of every National event held around the country. In some parts of the country, the CAM classes are the largest ones during a local or National SCCA event. CAM has been a great tool for local SCCA Regions to grow their programs.

The rules for the CAM classes are very simple. They fit on one page of the rule book. If the car is licensed and registered in your state, chances are it is eligible for CAM. Check the SCCA website: and look for the rules in the Autocross section.

If you have any questions regarding CAM or SCCA events in your area contact:

Raleigh Boreen – [email protected] or (317) 442-8500

CAM Events Calendar​

We will be listing all of the CAM events in our Events calendar here on TMO shortly. But you can also find the events listed on the official CAM website (linked above).

TMO Members who run in CAM​

One way you can find members here on TMO who participate in the CAM series is by searching our Member Cars section here. That link will show you all of the Member Cars profiles that have the term "CAM" in the description. Be sure to include the term "CAM" in your vehicle profile here on the site so others can find you that way. You can also do some keyword searches in the forum for the term "CAM" to find people discussing the series.