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1985 Mustang Profile

1985 Mustang
(1985 Mustang GT)

1985 Mustang GT

General Information

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Fox Body Model
Mods - Handling
Motorsports C Springs
Monroe Formula GP Struts
Camber Plates
Prothane Front Control Arm Bushings
Bump Steer correction
87 GT Spindles and Brakes

KYB AGX Shocks
Koni Quad Shocks
J&M Rear Lower Control Arms
2004 OE Upper Arms
Mods - Power
Mods - Exterior
Mods - Interior
Background & Plans
This is an all original low miles (63K) survivor. It literally is a little old ladies car that was purchased originally in PA. It has very few options - Automatic and Cruise - and was fairly well cared for. Photos of the car were used in a magazine (Mustang Monthly I think) to illustrate what an 85 Mustang GT was like when new.

I made a few modifications to it to make it drive and stop better. I focused on suspension changes only and I wanted to use as many NOS performance parts as I could fine. That went out the window when I realized just how bad Monroe Formula GP shocks are struts are. So from there I pieced it together on the cheap and it works pretty good for what it is.

Progress on the car slowed when I decided to focus on finishing the RX7 (so I could race at Indy) and we also bought a new 2012 Pony Package Mustang at the same time. However, I do have a collection of parts that I am itching to use on the car once I finally pull the plug on the RX7 and Club Racing. I did autox this car in Street Mod (before CAM was a thing) and despite being the slowest car we own it was not terrible.

CAM/T might be a place for it in the future. I was taking notes at Solo Nationals this year.
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