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1987 Mustang Vehicle Profile & Build Thread

1987 Ford Mustang
specs, lap times, build thread

1987 GT Track Car Rebuild

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Full Maximum Motorsports.
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Full cage
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Full strip to the tub and a rebuild.
Thank you for having me everyone. I was looking for a place to start a build thread, and this place was recommended. Forums seem to be lacking nowadays, so lets see how this goes. I just like a place to keep everything together and discuss issues that come up.

My wife and I decided since our daughter is going off to college soon, we would get back into some track days. You know, things we did up till she was born. I can't believe it's been this long.

The car we found wasn't perfect, but it had 90% of the parts I was going to purchase to start a project on a Fox Body. Was off the road since 1992, but came with a title. Now that the title and plates came in my name, I figured it was safe to start the project. And yes, this car will see limited street use after I reinstall some of the needed things. Like headlamps, turn signals, wipers and such. We get some strange weather here in WI.

Anyway, this is where it starts......
Mustang 1.JPG
Mustang 2.JPG
Mustang 4.JPG
Mustang 8.jpg
Mustang 9.jpg
Mustang 11.jpg

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