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2018 Mustang GT Vehicle Profile & Build Thread

2018 Ford Mustang
GT specs, lap times, build thread

2018 GT Daily Track Driver

Specs & Mods

Lap times
Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
Mods - Handling
* FP Track Handling Pack (M-FR3A-M8A)
* FP Front Lower Control Arms with Brake Air Deflectors (M-3075-F)
* Steeda Front Control Arm Spherical Bearings
* FP Strut Tower Brace (M-20201-MA)
* PP Cowl Extension Panel (FR3Z-63016A52-A)
* PP Lower K Brace (FR3Z-5025-A)
* BMR Chassis Jacking Rails, Super Low Profile (CJR002)

Brakes (Track)
* 6-piston Brembo Calipers (M-2300-V)
* FP 15" Rotors (KR3Z-1125-G)
* PowerStop Track Day Brake Pads (PST-1792)
* Autospecialty OE Stock Replacement rotor (AR85160)
* PowerStop Track Day Brake Pads (PST-1793)

Brakes (Street)
* 6-piston Brembo Calipers (M-2300-V)
* PowerStop 15" Drilled & Slotted Rotors (AR85159XPR)
* PowerStop Z26 Brake Pads (Z26-1792)
* PowerStop Drilled & Slotted (AR85160XPR)
* PowerStop Z26 Brake Pads (Z26-1793)

Wheels & Tires (Track)
* Apex SM-10 Front: 19x11" ET26, Rear: 19x11” ET52
* 305/30-19 Hankook Ventus RS4 200tw

Wheels & Tires (Street)
* SVE SP2 Front & Rear: 19x10” ET35
* 285/35-19 Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 340tw
Mods - Power
Powertrain / Drivetrain
* Gen 3 5.0L TI-VCT V8
* 7500 RPM Redline
* FP Oil-Air Separator (M-6766-A50A)
* Mishimoto Oil Cooler (MMOC-MUS8-18TBK)
* Mishimoto Performance Radiator (MMRAD-MUS8-15)
* 6-Speed MT82-D4 Transmission
* Traction-LOK differential w/ 3.55 FDR
Mods - Exterior
* Shadow Black
* FP PP1 Lower Air Deflector (JR3Z-17626-B)
* FP PP2 Front Splitter kit (M-16601-MPP)
* FP Mach1/GT500 spoiler with Gurney flap (M-16600-FP)
Mods - Interior
* Ebony Leather Trim Power Seats
* Schroth QuickFit Pro 4 point harness
Background & Plans
Purchased in January 2021 with only 7,897 miles, I bought my Mustang with the intention of being a daily driver that I can take to the track. She now has 42k miles and sees about 8 track days a year.
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