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2017 Mustang GT350 Profile

2017 Mustang
GT350 HPDE/Track -  (A Pale Horse)

A Pale Horse

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
GT350 #
Mods - Handling
SPL front control arms, SPL Tension Rods, FP springs, FP anti-roll bars, Vorshlag camber plates, Steeda IRS subframe supports, Steeda G-trac brace, Full Tilt Boogie adjustable upper control arms, Full Tilt Boogie adjustable endlinks, BC Forged KLS01 11x19 square, OP Mustang 30mm front spacers, Caliperfexion wheel studs, Girodisc front and rear rotors, Ferodo DSUno front pads, Ferodo DS2500 rear pads, Goodyear 3r tires
Mods - Power
FP Exhaust
Mods - Exterior
R splitter, ZL1 addons front tow hook, Watson Racing rear bumper support/tow hook
Mods - Interior
Watson Racing lightweight 4-point roll bar, 350R rear seat delete, Schroth 4-point harnesses, Element fire extinguisher and roll bar mount, MGW Shifter, Alcantara shifter, E-brake boot, and console lid
Background & Plans
I fell in love with the sound of this car when watching the Nurburgring spy footage. Once I saw one in person I knew I had to have it. What I didn't realize is just how much I would enjoy tracking this car. Now it's becoming a dedicated track car as I keep working toward upgrading my driver mod. I'm also fighting the urge to add more aero. I love those big ol' wings.
  • Jul-31-2021-Speed Ventures (Sat)-6-Purple Group-Session 3 (Corkscrew)-LS1_8332_Jul3121_418PM_C...jpg
    Jul-31-2021-Speed Ventures (Sat)-6-Purple Group-Session 3 (Corkscrew)-LS1_8332_Jul3121_418PM_C...jpg
    355 KB · Views: 2,395
  • Jul-31-2021-Speed Ventures (Sat)-6-Purple Group-Session 1 (Turn 3 Exit)-LS1_2180_Jul3121_1135A...jpg
    Jul-31-2021-Speed Ventures (Sat)-6-Purple Group-Session 1 (Turn 3 Exit)-LS1_2180_Jul3121_1135A...jpg
    175.7 KB · Views: 201
  • May-09-2021-OnGrid (Sun)-Group 1-Cotton Corners (Session 3)-BW3_1894_May0921_206PM_CaliPhoto.jpg
    May-09-2021-OnGrid (Sun)-Group 1-Cotton Corners (Session 3)-BW3_1894_May0921_206PM_CaliPhoto.jpg
    220.1 KB · Views: 205
  • May-09-2021-OnGrid (Sun)-Group 1-Sweeper (Session 1)-BW3_5248_May0921_936AM_CaliPhoto.jpg
    May-09-2021-OnGrid (Sun)-Group 1-Sweeper (Session 1)-BW3_5248_May0921_936AM_CaliPhoto.jpg
    232.3 KB · Views: 217
  • 4-PURPLE - 150pm - WS1_4144_Dec1320_155PM_CaliPhoto.jpg
    4-PURPLE - 150pm - WS1_4144_Dec1320_155PM_CaliPhoto.jpg
    347.9 KB · Views: 222
  • Oct-02-2021-Speed Ventures (Sat) [[660e5abe8a]] - ORANGE GROUP - SESSION 1-FINISH LINE - AC5_6...jpg
    Oct-02-2021-Speed Ventures (Sat) [[660e5abe8a]] - ORANGE GROUP - SESSION 1-FINISH LINE - AC5_6...jpg
    402.2 KB · Views: 183

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