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2013 Mustang GT_50L Profile

2013 Mustang
GT_50L  (DeepImpactBlues)


Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
GT 5.0L
Mods - Handling
Comming as project prgresses.
Salvaging parts from previous 2014 Mustang GT
Mods - Power
Comming as project prgresses.
Salvaging parts from previous 2014 Mustang GT
Mods - Exterior
Coming: Chicane23 hood, Trufiber fenders, Steeda wing.
Mods - Interior
Coming: Boss gauge pod and Autometers
Background & Plans
The "Specs and Mods" says 5.0L Manual, reflecting my plans to upgrade from V6 auto. The title is a bit of a double entendre. Some of you may be aware of my unscheuled off-track excursion in May 2022. The car had 28,000mi. and a long list of mods... the loss, caused by a deep impact, definitely caused me some blues! I do like the color though so, here's another one.This car, purchased as a chasis to resurect what's left of the previous one, has experienced it's own impact but should be salvageable. My plan is to swap the good stuff into this car, take the oportunity to add/upgrade some things that were planned pror to loss, and get back on the road and track!
...and avoid further impacts!
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