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1992 Nissan 240SX

No-Drift Nissan specs, lap times, build thread

No-Drift Nissan

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Nissan 240SX
Mods - Handling
Nismo front tension rod bushings, Nismo "power brace", Whiteline adjustable swaybars, CCW 17x8 wheels (for my summer tires),
O.S. Giken "Super Lok" limited-slip, Fortune Auto 500-series coil-overs with custom spring rates, A'PEXi carbon fiber rear strut brace, Nismo rear subframe bushings (which I regret)
Mods - Power
Injen high-flow intake, DC Sports tri-Y header, MagnaFlow muffler
Mods - Exterior
Steel hood customized with vents. Wing from a 1st-gen Neon. Taillight lenses with clear turn signals. 2-tone paint job by Kent Eves of Copper Mountain body shop, Ruidoso, NM.
Mods - Interior
Seats from a 1996 (JDM) 180SX. Replaced the stoopid electric seatbelts with manual belts from a 1996 Nissan.
Background & Plans
I rescued this car from a negligent owner in 2006, with 160,000 miles on it. Everything I touched made it run better, until I totaled it by running into an elk. That's when it got the 2-tone paint scheme.
The odometer rolled past 200,000 miles on the way to its first dyno test. Now it's past 240,000 miles and with 93 octane and the right weather it makes over 155hp at the wheels but the electrical system is old, and it's Nissan :-/
Has been through several seasons of autocross, 2 or 3 time trials at the "Academi" training site (formerly known as Blackwater), 45min running around VIR, and 3 or 4 HPDEs at NCCAR.
I'll continue taking it to track events because, as much as I like my Evo, this Nissan costs about 1/3 as much to track it at NCCAR for a day. And it was fun for chasing that supercharged PP2 the last time I was there. :)

As June, 2023, I had the replace the gauge cluster. The new(er) odometer reads about 214,000 miles. t might be accurate if you add 31,000.

The car had a 4-into-1 header when I bought it. The tri-Y header was an improvement, but I'm thinking about putting a stock exhaust manifold back on it. The car is louder than I want, and I've decided equal-length headers make a 4-cylinder sound like crap.
  • 240SX tail lights 42683449.jpg
  • 240SX 38404478.jpg
  • 240SX, Academi, scribbles 01.jpg
  • 1992 240SX IMG_4746 resized.JPG
  • 1992 240SX dynamometer graphs.jpg

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