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2011 Mustang GT_50L Profile

2011 Mustang
GT_50L HPDE/Track -  (Tri-Bar's Ride)

Tri-Bar's Ride

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
GT 5.0L
Mods - Handling
JRZ RS Pro 2-Way Adjustable Front Struts.
Eibach 0600-0225-650 Springs.
Boss 302S Camber Plates #M-18183-R. (Mutlimatic)
Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Front Grip Kit:
Front Control Arms.
Bump-Steer Tie Rod Ends.
Stranoparts 35MM 3-Way Adjustable Sway Bar. (Middle Setting)
Boss 302S Adjustable Sway Bar End Link Driver Side. (Watson Racing)
Boss 302S Non-Adjustable Sway Bar End Link Pass Side.

JRZ RS Pro 2-way Adjustable Shocks.
Eibach 0600-0225-0250 Springs.
Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Rear Grip Kit:
U-Link Rear Upper Control Arm Module.
Aluminum Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms.
Anti-Squat Traction Brackets.
Roll Center Relocation Kit.
Ford 18, 20 or 22mm Rear Sway Bar. (As Needed)

Unique Ford Racing ABS calibration #M-2353-C w/Off/Reset switch

Boss 302S Brembo XA2E7 4-Piston Calipers.
14" Stoptech Floating Slotted Rotors.
MTC Center Bells. (Multimatic)
Boss 302S Brake Cooling Kit.
Hawk DTC-70 Race Brake Pads.

Ford GT500/Boss Rear Calipers.
Ford 11.81 Rear Rotors.
No Backing Plates.
Hawk HP+ Track Brake Pads.

Rims and Tires:
Apex EC-7 18x11
Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS 295-35-18
Mods - Power
Ford Racing Engine Control Pack
Ford Racing ECU Calibration.
Ford Racing 2014 Aluminator N/A Motor.
Stock Ford GT Intake Manifold.
Watson Racing/Peterson Catch Can
Kenny Brown/Fluidyne 3-Row, 3-Pass Radiator.
Moroso Aluminum Road Race oil pan.
MMR Rear Head Coolant cross over Kit.
Boss302s Oil Adapter #M-6007-M50
Boss302s Filter relocation mount.
Setreb 172 oil cooler.

Tremec T56 Magnum XL
2.66 First Gear.
MGW Tremec T56 Magnum XL Shifter.

Stock Ford Fuel Tank.
Stock Fuel Pump.
Holly Racing Fuel Regulator.
-6an Return Fuel Line.

Rear End,
Boss302S Differential #M-4204-T31H.
Ford 3.73 Gears.

Boss 302S H-Pipe. (Watson Racing)
Borla SS Cat Back.
GT500 Mufflers #M-5230-MGTCA1
Mods - Exterior
Boss 302S Tiger Racing Hood.
Watson Racing x 4 Hood Pins.
40 Grit Design Carbon Fiber Splitter.
2010 Cobra Jet Front Grille.
Boss 302S G-Stream Comp800 wing.
Cobra Jet Drive Shaft Safety Loop.
Custom Made Canards.
Mods - Interior
Sparco Pro Adv FIA Containment Racing Seat.
Recaro Seat Slider
Watson Racing 6 Point Roll Cage.
RacePac IQ3S Street Dash.
Ford Racing/Sparco Steering Wheel
Sparco Quick Release w/ Momo Hub
Lifeline Zero 2000 FIA 4.0 ltr Fire Marshal Steel Fire Suppression System With 2 Nozzles
Cool Shirt Cooling System.
OMP 2" 6 Point Harness (Driver Only).
Master Cut Off Switch.
Lightened Wiring Harness.
Rehagen Racing Switch Plate – Start/Ignition, Aux Switches.
Watson Racing Battery Relocation Kit.
Background & Plans
I have owned this car since 2010. It started being tracked right away. It has had just about every shock spring combo they make. Tested ton's of suspension components. Then I decided to go full tilt and cage it. It is now a Track only car.
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  • Dec-18-2021-Speed Ventures (Sat)-Black Group-Session 3 (Outside Grapevine)-BW3_7459_Dec1821_20...jpg
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  • Dec-18-2021-Speed Ventures (Sat)-Around the Pits-BW4_2252_Dec1821_300PM_CaliPhoto.jpg
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  • Orange Group-Session Three (Turn 2)-LS2_9502_1209_Sep2819_CaliPhoto 2560x1440 Res.jpg
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