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2012 Mustang GT_50L Profile

2012 Mustang
GT_50L  (twisted 2012 GT)

twisted 2012 GT

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
GT 5.0L
Mods - Handling
JRi' coil overs front and rear, small 18mm rear stabizlier bar, front increased camber mod, steeda rear trailing arms,bushings, upper control arm, panhard rod. Girodisc 2pcs rotors, G-loc R12 pads front R10 pads rear, 18x11 Apex SM10-RS wheels and TBD 315/30/18 200 TW tires.
Mods - Power
stock Gen 1 coyote with boss heads and springs, original 1st gen cobra jet cams, 'Ford Racing' early cobra jet intake with paper thin walls with huge mono blade throttle body, kooks 1.75 headers, mmr oil pump gears, e85 with a tune from AED Shaun, cobra jet crank wheel, aluminum Spec stage 2+ billet pressure plate clutch with aluminum flywheel. made 360hp/360tq stock.. after mods 490hp / 413 tq. cooltech - setrab huge oil cooler setup, Predator aluminum cam covers (not yet installed). Radium fuel system w fuel rails and pressure gauge 278 walbro pump.
Mods - Exterior
Race louvers hood center and hood side louvers.
Mods - Interior
Sparco Evo 2 seats, rear seat delete, 10lb fire system, center of cluster mounted oil temp gauge.
Background & Plans
Plan is to slowly make it a race machine.. going in next week, brembo caliper rebuild kit w stainless pistons and high temp seals., vorshlag brake line extensions, I also found this very early dyno run when it made 440 to the wheels before we cranked on the intake cam timing, but a huge cobra jet intake on and e85.. we have a very easy road race tune on it now with only 0.82 lambda and 21 degrees of timing. the only crazy thing is the amount of intake phaser advance - was worried about hitting the pistons so we stopped at 490HP. .
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