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‘Bouncy’ rear end after rear lower control arm monoball bearing install on a GT350R

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I installed a set of FTBR monoball bearings in the rear lower control arms of my GT350R. The immediate result was a much ‘bouncier’ rear end. Suspension Is more or less stock (stock MR dampers and springs) with the FP toe link bearing and SPC camber arms. I am running the FP track alignment spec
at this point. I am questioning if those bearings are maybe too ‘tight’. I am noticing an improvement the more car is used but nowhere close to before the install. Will they ever break in to the point the car will feel similar to before? I really appreciate the feel of the rear end otherwise but I need to do something about this bounciness. Is this expected with this type of ’upgrade’? I am willing to redo it with a different brand if that will address the issue.
I would appreciate any advice on this. Thanks a lot!
I noticed something similar when I did mine, along with RLCA bearings and bearing upper shock mount. It’s my belief that the stock shocks are under damped and when you take all the rubber out of the suspension it becomes apparent. Better shocks solved this for me.
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I did not get any extra bounce when I made the same changes to my gt500 mag ride. (cortex arm bearings and fp toe link bearing). But I do have a DSC sport controller that has some added rebound dialed into the rear. Before the shocks and springs went in the rear suspension was very free moving.
The underdamped shocks hypothesis crossed my mind as well - especially since when switching to 'sportier' suspension modes things get better. Short of physically replacing the shocks, I guess the DSC controller could be something that might help. Speaking of which, has anyone run the Steeda one on a stock suspension?

The part that made me also think those bearings might be a 'tad' tight is when driving the car in cold weather last winter (30-40F) the bounciness was pretty extreme. As the ambient temps went up and I drove the car more, the feel has been improving. Do these things break in over time?
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