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SN95 1 of the 5,009 - Lucky 13 Build Thread Profile - SN95 Mustangs

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Hang on for the reading, it's not only a build thread but the background on the vehicle.

1994 Cobra coupe
143,xxx original miles

Production date off B-pillar VCL decal: 01/94

Actual production date as confirmed on BUC tag: January 24, 1994

SVT Production Number: 0013
This can be verified through Ford (I called and it was verified by my VIN #). So far, this is the lowest surviving production 1994 SVT Cobra COUPE build in existence out of 5,009 (by actual VIN # as well as SVT #). ----> See further below under "HISTORY"..

SVT Certification:
TRUE SVT Cobra - "D" in VIN. I have the SVT Certificate to confirm it is SVT # 13 with a final build date of 03/04/1994 at the Dearborn Assembly Plant

This an early build 94 Cobra which does NOT have and never came with the "SVT" on the rear deck lid nor does it have the assembly line build decal on the valve cover. Being an early production build, this vehicle also has fully functional lower B-pillar side vents integrated into the 1/4 panels that vent fresh air to or over the rear brakes - Ford closed/welded these fresh air openings shut on later build SN95 94-95's and all 96-98's...

I'm the verified 2nd owner, confirmed by title, VIN reports AND I've been in contact with the 1st Owner and know this Cobra's entire history from purchase.

- Complete stock NUMBERS MATCHED SVT GT40 5.0 engine
- Factory "COBRA" black valve covers
- Romac SFI harmonic balancer
- BBK underdrive crank pulley
- Factory oil cooler removed to run larger 5.0 FL1A oil filter (I have oil cooler and steel tubes)
- Misc. ARP bolts & fasteners
- Emissions crossover tube from heads & associated parts on passenger side removed (I have all parts removed)
- Bypassed smog w/ short belt (smog pump is there)
- K&N air filter
- Mobil 1 oil changes @ every 3,500 miles w/Motorcraft filter

- 3G high output alt (factory)
- Optima Red Top (new replacement as of 2021, original Optima last 15 years!)
- Crane Hi-6S ignition box
- Accel ignition coil
- Accel brass cap & rotor kit
- Ford Motorsport ignition wires
- Autolite plugs

- Stock Cobra “J4J1” ECM
- Stock/factory 94 Cobra fuel parts (pump & fuel pressure regulator)

- SPAL 11" dual electric fan setup
- Hayden electronic fan controller
- Ford Motorsport water pump
- Mishimoto radiator (new as of 2021)
- 1997 Cobra A/C condensor (allows more air flow to radiator)
- 195* thermostat
- Moroso overflow coolant catch container
- Ford "COBRA" stamped rad cooling hoses directly from Ford (+ all other coolant hoses are new)

- Stock Cobra T5 manual 5spd trans
- Energy Suspension trans mount
- Ford Motorsport aluminum driveshaft
- Ford Motorsport King Cobra clutch kit (disc & pressure plate)
- Ford Motorsport flywheel (retain original Cobra specific flywheel)
- Ford Motorsport pilot bearing
- Centerforce TOB
- Ford Motorsport 3.73 gears

- BBK full length 1 5/8" long tube headers
- BBK 2.5" LT offroad H-pipe (+ BBK LT catted H-pipe for inspection purposes)
- BBK O2 extension harnesses
- Ford header gaskets
- ARP SS 12 point header bolts w/ Mr Gasket lock washers
- 2.5" Flowmaster 40's w/ 2.5" intermediate pipes
- 2.5" Flowmaster SS tips

- Ford Motorsport Cobra strut tower brace
- 1995 Cobra R front sway bar
- Stock rear sway bar
- Maximum Motorsports CC plates
- Energy Suspension front sway bar end links
- Energy Suspension front & rear spring isolators
- Energy Suspension steering rack bushings
- Energy Suspension trans mount
- Bilstein front struts and rear shocks
- H&R front & rear lowering springs
- Steeda boxed rear upper control arms (heavy duty arms that resemble the stock arms)
- Hotchkis rear lower control arms (greaseable)
- 2003/2004 Cobra front A-arms
- 2003/2004 Cobra intermediate steering shaft
- Factory rear quad shocks removed

- Front: factory COBRA calipers, factory 13" discs, factory hoses
- Rear: factory calipers, factory 12" vented discs, factory hoses
- Master Cylinder & Booster are factory Cobra (booster has factory "COBRA" label on top)

- Black (Ebony)
- Factory cloth seats
- (5) Auto Meter 2 1/16" mechanical gauges (Volt, Oil, Water, Vac/Boost, Fuel)
- Kenne Bell dash pod (replaced clock & holds fuel & water gauges)
- Custom metal black powder coated (3) holed gauge holder below stereo (holds the other 3 AM gauges)
- Entire MACH 460 system was removed & stored - current stereo system is comprised of (Nakamichi CD400 head unit, MB Quart front and rear speakers, Kicker 10” Solobaric sub, Precision Power 5440 amp, all audio wiring is StreetWires/Monster Cable)
- Original factory issued black floor mats w/ word "COBRA" embroidered in gray (driver's side has normal wear under pedals, passenger side is not worn at all)

- Factory RIO RED paint
- ALL VIN labels, COBRA BUC tags, etc. are in place EVERYWHERE on the vehicle
- All glass is original (also glass has never had tint anywhere)
- All weather stripping/seals are original and are in excellent shape, no rips, no tears, no dry rot
- Cobra "snake" emblem upgrade in front grill (original horse stored)
- 94/95 black taillights (I do have the original Rio Red tails that I removed)

- Front: 17x9 aftermarket black Bullit rims w/ custom Cobra center caps - Tires: NITTO NT555's 275/40/17
- Rear: 17x10.5 aftermarket black Bullit rims w/ custom Cobra center caps - Tires: NITTO NT555's 285/40/17

- Factory trunk cargo net
- Alarm system w/ keyless entry
- Saleen anti theft lugs
- CCRM relocated from stock location in engine bay
- Stock coolant bottle & associated parts deleted and factory fan turn on bypassed

- Speedo gear & internal trans tailshaft gear has been correctly changed so that speedo reads DEAD ON ACCURATELY and CORRECTLY for the FMS 3.73's

- All AutoMeter mechanical gauges have SS braided lines - NOT copper, NOT nylon.

- Entire 8.8 rear was completely rebuilt when 3.73's were installed (all new TIMKEN axle bearings, all new seals, new Timken pinion bearings, new front pinion seal, etc.)

- Fog lights are wired correctly to work independently of the headlights (meaning, you can operate the fogs at any time without having to have the headlights "on" - and they also will stay on if you turn the highbeams on)

- Driver's side door still has original Dealer issued Motorcraft oil change sticker affixed to inside edge of door. This has been on the door since 1995 which documents that the car only had 12,xxx original miles on it in 1995..

All attached images are current images of the Cobra.

The NITTO Tire Co. and contest collaboration:
Years ago, my Cobra (along with thousands of entrants) was entered into a contest to be selected by NITTO Tire Co. for use in a full page ad that was to be in every Ford/Mustang magazine of the time. My Cobra was one of many that was selected by NITTO to be in that ad. The ad was on the inside covers, complete centerfold and rear covers of many magazines. The ads ran for a couple of years. I still retain the email disclosure correspondence from NITTO and full size 24x30 Posters of the original ad sent to me from NITTO. This below image is the actual image NITTO selected for their Tire ad. The same image in the ad is on the RIGHT page, 1st Mustang in the LAST row.







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HISTORY Part 1 (Preface):
I'm the 2nd owner of my Cobra and it was purchased back in March 2004. I've now owned this Cobra going on 19 years. I always knew the actual SVT build number had to be low, based on my VCL decal's month/year build date, the BUC tag info AND the fact that my actual VIN # is extremely low when comparing to any/all other 1994 Cobras I've been able to find online, etc.

I've also owned a prior 1996 Cobra, prior to my 94. I did the whole "SVT Certificate thing" when I owned that Cobra, so when I bought my 94 years ago, I never really had any interest in obtaining it's SVT Certificate and already knew all about the car and it's "uniqueness".

Fast forward to 2010... Out of curiosity, I finally decided to call the 1-800 number for Ford Performance to see what my 94 Cobra's actual SVT Build number was.... I gave the Ford Rep my VIN and upon him looking up the info, he came back and said "Your Cobra is SVT Build # 0013". I thought I was not hearing correctly and asked him to repeat, in which he said the same thing, "13" as in, 0-0-1-3. Needless to say, I was not only surprised, but at the same time, being around Mustangs and owning MANY over the years, I already thought maybe it's build # was probably low based on my VIN, BUC, and VCL decal, but I NEVER thought it was within the first 15 built, or even first 100.

Now, ever since finding out my build #, as stated above, I've been unable to locate #0001-#0012, therefore as far as I know, my Cobra is the lowest production 94 Cobra COUPE in existence. This is why I'm on the search for the others.

Also to note,
1994 Cobras, which were Ford paint code "E8" were said in Dealer literature to be "Rio Red". On my BUC tag next to the paint code E8, it’s stamped “VERM”, for what would be Vermillion Red. This has also peaked my curiosity...but I've never been able to get any info or answers to the "why" of the variant.

HISTORY Part 2 (Research and more research...):
Literally for years now, I’ve researched my freaking head off and googled the internet so hard, I’m surprised it has any google left... Years ago I had reached out to Ford directly via email, also reached out to SVT, I posted on a number of Mustang Cobra forums, I’ve posted on numerous other Ford Mustang forums seeking info not only about my Cobra, but the whereabouts of the 1994 SVT builds #0001-#0012.

The response received from Ford was they told me how I could get the SVT Cert (already knew that) and had no other info to offer. SVT of the time pretty much gave me the same type of response. I’m sure both responses were from folks who just didn’t understand the request or just give canned responses.

A couple of years back I had started keeping a log of every 94 Cobra I came across online in forums, on eBay, in car ads, etc. I’ve documented 1994 VINs and SVT build numbers (where and when present).
I can’t tell any of you how many avenues I have used and how many folks in the Mustang hobby I have contacted in my last 19 years of ownership to try and get more info about the 1994 Cobras… to no avail.

I have dealt with Mark @Performance Autosport, Jim@PPI, Bob Lyons of the original 1993 Cobra site, Rick the owner of National Parts Depot as he has a very large Ford collection and connections, numerous websites where I have posted the same as here - such as the specialty forums where folks there are “in the know”, such as all SSP sites, all SVO sites and all Saleen sites….even hit up the Concours Mustang site, the Classic Mustang websites, the SN95 forum, etc…you name it, I’ve done it trying to get info… and each time I dead ended. Even back when the actual Ford SVT site was up I reached out there and again was redirected to getting an SVT Certificate.

All I can say is, the SN95 Cobras are not as easy to get info on like the 1993’s.

In my log of over (252) 1994 Cobras, I still had not been able to get any data on SVT COUPES #0001-#0020. During my years of researching, I did however find the 1995 Cobra R prototype in Michigan, which was built from a 1994 Cobra (VIN 1FALP42D6RF113158 and was 1 of 3 prototypes built by Jack Roush).

The 94 Cobra Pace Cars (VIN 45D) are separate from the 94 Cobra COUPE (VIN 42D) production, meaning there is an SVT Coupe #0001 and an SVT Pace Car #0001. The 1994 Pace Cars are easier to find data on, just for the mere fact that it's a "Pace Car" and only 1,000 of those were built.

At this stage, I had not found and no one has ever posted anything online about SVT COUPE Builds #0001-#0012, ever. I even have Tom Schreiner’s and Pete Sessler’s SVT Mustang Cobra Recognition Guide (1993-2000) that was published in 1999 and again, no mention of any other info or data for any early build 1994’s... and I also have John Colleti's book "Iron Fist, Lead Foot" which has a plethora of SVT info (but just not enough on anything 1994/95 related since it's geared towards Terminator development), as well as a literal library of other Ford/Mustang books but those also do not have any real documented info about the early SN95 Cobra "story" or production info.

So my search was still ongoing since I still had nothing on 1994 SVT Cobra COUPES #0001-#0020 after numerous emails out to MANY Mustang folks, registering on MANY Mustang forums and making inquiries, joining registries, etc.

History Part 3 (Contact with Original Owner 2022):
I have been able to contact the prior owner! He’s a very nice gentleman and was nice enough to correspond with me via emails.

He confirmed that he was in fact the original Buyer/Owner of my 94 Cobra. I have always thought I was only the 2nd Owner based on titling info found in VIN reports, as well as the actual “owner” field on my NJ Title. His information has now factually confirmed there has not been any other owners to my Cobra aside from him and me.

He bought the car brand new in June 1994 from Downs Ford here in NJ. He said he was initially there looking for a convertible “but they only had one, in an ugly shade of yellow with an automatic transmission”. He proceeds to say “As I was wandering around in the garage behind the Service area, I saw the Cobra. I asked if it was for sale because it seemed like it was hidden away. They said it was and after a short test drive on Rte. 37, I purchased it”.

So what I find interesting is, my Cobra when new, wasn’t displayed on the front lot or on the interior sales floor. He states that he owned the Cobra until Feb. 2004, when he traded it in on a new leftover white 2003 T-Bird. So he owned the Cobra for 10 years, then I bought the Cobra in March 2004 and have owned it ever since.

He said if he comes across any old paperwork, he’ll forward it to me. He’s unsure though if he still has any original docs, because he has since moved from NJ out to AZ.

What’s cool too is that he mentions in his initial email he now has an S550. So I responded and sent him various pics of the Cobra and told him I too also own an S550 - Ruby Red over Ceramic Leather. In his next response back, his S550 is the same color combo, but is a convertible vs. my fastback…. How coincidental is that - we’re totally different people, in different age brackets, in different States - that have only the 1994 Cobra as a common link, but we each currently own an S550 that is the same exact exterior/interior color combos… LOL. To me, it’s strange, but true.

I have retained our correspondence which will stay with the Cobra’s other docs for historical purposes.

So, you’re all probably wondering how I was able to locate the prior owner….

When I first bought the Cobra in 2004, as with any other car I’ve ever owned, first thing I did was a thorough cleaning/detailing, by going through the entire car, in/out. When I lifted the spare tire cover, I found a 3-page yellowed work order stuffed in the spare tire well. The work order was from a Good Year Tire Center and also had the name & address of a person on it. It was dated August 1998 and at that time the Cobra only had 38,987 miles on it. In 2004, I just filed this document away . . .

In March 2022, I had pulled boxes out of storage and came across an early folder with all docs/receipts retained for my Cobra. In this folder was the old Good Year Tire Center receipt, which I totally forgot about and haven’t looked at in 18 years. I saw the person’s name/address on it (again) and figured with all the now available technology, vast internet improvements, and search engine abilities, I would back track and search on the name.

I plugged the name and was eventually able to match online results of it with the correct address on the receipt. However, I noticed that some other searches revealed a different person’s name at that same address. I assumed the person on my receipt must no longer reside at that address all these years later. So I kept searching online and my next (2) hits were a LinkedIn profile for an older gentleman, but I couldn’t access it because I don’t have a LinkedIn account. The 2nd result was a Law Firm with a matching name. So, not knowing who this person on the receipt was or is, or even if their last name had any affiliation to the name of the Law Firm (or my Cobra), I figured what the heck, I’ll either get a response or not. I then used the Law Firm’s online “Contact Us”, and sent a brief note. I asked in my note if the person I was seeking was with the firm or if the person was no longer with the firm, could the recipient forward my note to them. I also stated that my reason for contact was that I may be the owner of their prior Mustang…. I hit the send button and off went my message.

Within a few days, I received an email from THE named person! The sender’s email address matched the exact name I was seeking. His response confirmed that yes, he was that person, yes the home address I had was his prior residence, AND yes he did own the Cobra!

I never expected to ever get a response due to the years passed, let alone making contact with the actual prior owner.

Now I have that documented proof from a complete name and address on the Good Year Tire Center receipt, to the complete full name of the Sender’s email used as the responding email address, as well as the actual person not only confirming prior ownership since new, but also “filling in the blanks” that now provide me with the background of the car, as well as him politely providing me with his current address (without my request).

19 years ago, the internet was still a fledgling and I just never thought to make contact with a person who’s name was on a random work order receipt I found in the trunk…

HISTORY Part 4 (SVT Coupes #0001-#0012, answers!):
A big thanks and shout out to @tbenvie over on SVTP - he was kind enough to correspond and has helped to fill in some of the blanks for 1994 SVT Cobra Coupes #0001-#0012. He is working on a Pace Car project and through his in depth research, was able to procure very detailed info not only on nearly all (1,000) 1994 Cobra Pace Cars, but also on some of the 1994 Cobra Coupes.

We connected via emails, shared collected data on the 1994 Cobra SVT’s and it probably would not have happened without the existence of him or the SVTP site.

I’ve been looking literally for years for this info and all it took was for my thread over there to get hits via search engines and users who have joined and seen it.

The info that was supplied finally filled in SOME of the gaps for what I was seeking for the 1994 SVT Cobra Coupes #0001-#0012.

Based on the available info for the first SVT Cobra Coupes #0001-#0020, it appears that my 1994 SVT Cobra Coupe #0013 is still the earliest known registered and driven survivor. SVT #0012 seems to have had last updated registration info in 2021, but no one has come forth with any other info.

SVT Cobra Coupes prior to #0012 haven’t shown registration updates for quite a few years (10-20+ years). These SVT coupes still have not surfaced anywhere, not online in any forums, automotive consignment shops, auctions such as eBay, Mecum, Barrett Jackson, or BaT and if an owner exists, they either aren't online or have not responded to the numerous threads about this subject matter.. No one has come forward with additional info about them, condition or if they still even exist today.

SVT Cobra Coupes after #0012, seems SVT Cobra Coupe #0019 is one that had last updated registration info as of 2020. Again, the current owner of #0019 has not surfaced and we don't know condition of the vehicle.

So, if anyone has any other data available for the 1994 SVT Cobra COUPES, knows anyone "in the know" who can help with further research, or has any type of insider knowledge of the time period these vehicles were produced, please feel free message me and/or post ANY of that info into this thread to help others in the future!
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Bill Pemberton

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Wow, that is a full History Book and the one cool thing is that you have driven this special machine -----143K and counting is pretty damn impressive.

Thanks for such and interesting thread and welcome to TMO!
Wow, that is a full History Book and the one cool thing is that you have driven this special machine -----143K and counting is pretty damn impressive.

Thanks for such and interesting thread and welcome to TMO!

Hi Bill,

First off, great site - been a looooong time lurker. Are you over on the M6G site too (seeing your S550 Mach 1)? I'm over there as well, same user ID.

Thanks for your reply and also thanks for your personal IM a bit ago on here welcoming me to the site and suggesting starting a "build" thread.

I thought about it and finally figured let me gather all my data to post about it. Although my vehicle isn't a true "track build" for track events like some of the many awesome vehicles on here, I'm hoping my post at the minimum will help other 1994 Cobra owners well into the future as these vehicles age.

Yep - Cobra was daily driven in all weather conditions and seasons being in NJ - but one wouldn't be able to tell since I'm so meticulous about the car. I've had people even ask about the mileage when they see the odometer. They do a double take and can't believe the car does have 143k on it due to its overall condition and appearance inside, outside, engine bay, and underneath. It's far from pristine or "mint", as nothing ever is after rolling off the assembly line and being used - but I've kept it as close to excellent condition as possible.

The Cobra has also won it's fair share of car show trophies too - never expecting to win at any event, but we'll gladly accept a win when awarded! :)

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