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S550 2016 GT PP Build Thread Profile - S550 Mustangs

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Under 3 Years
Houston, TX
This is my wife's car and it has been excellent for how she drives it. So far after a year of monthly track use, the car has needed camber plates, GLoc brake pads, SRF fluid, a transmission/differential fluid change (BG Fluids) and a catch can. We managed to burn up the rear wheel hub bearings, so all of the wheel hubs are now replaced with ARP studded hubs to start the new year fresh.

She is at the cusp of really needing to address the stock body roll these cars have, so the Ford Performance track suspension kit may be on order before too long.

In the meantime, we recently lucked into a great local deal on a set of take off Mach 1 HP wheels. Originally, these HP wheels were going to be a backup set for our Mach 1; however, after trying them out on this car, we have decided that they will live on this car, and the other wheels will now be for spare/rain tire duty. I happen to have a spare set of Mach 1 fender flares which I will work on fitting to the car the next free weekend I have. Will post an update once those have been fitted.


Photos of test fitting the fender flares with tape:
20220121_143154 (1).jpg
20220121_143410 (1).jpg
20220121_143144 (1).jpg

The front three holes do not line up to any existing fender liner mount holes on the car. I am going to first try using push mount zip ties to see how well that will hold. If that fails, I am going to attempt making a bracket to connect over the vent gap as another member on this forum suggested.
20220121_143237 (1).jpg

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