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2020 GT500 CFTP 6-point harness

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Hi All! On to the next mod(s).

I road race my 2020 GT500 with CFTP, so I want to get a 6 point harness. It has the stock Recaro seats. I have a half cage / bar in the back as well.

Do people leave the stock seatbelt in there and push the harness out of the way when just street driving?
Is 6 point good, or is 5 or 4 point easier?
What about HANS device compatible options?

Any other tips and advice on this?

I have a local shop who will install, but want to do some research first.

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Leave the stock belts. Why deal with the electronics and loose the convenience when street cruising?
A 6 point harness lends it self to keeping the seats stock. Run the belts between the seat base and back and clip them to a good mount. You can always remove the cam assembly by unclipping and pulling the straps out. Pull the shoulder straps back through the seat and let them dangle. The lap belts can also be removed or pushed down next to the seats.
I have a set of lap and sub mounts available. They came out of my 350.
Just about any Hans, I run the schroth, will fit under a good set of harness straps as long as the strap width matches with the Hans . Again, I run the Schroth 6 point.
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I run this setup in my gt500, and was in my 350. I leave the stock belts in place, actually clip the drivers one together behind the seat to turn off the lights/chimes when I use the race belts.

CMS roll bar
Schroth 4pt ASM harness
ASM harness

Watson racing lap belt mount

The 4 point ASM belt will not require you to cut up the seat for a sub belt, and works well with the recaro seats. All of this will work with most hans devices. You can unclip the lap belts and take off the shoulder harnesses when not needed.

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